Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici: the atelier

This is our atelier in the Lake Como Area, the location where our minds make our ideas come true!

Everything we do together will pass through here, so we are extremely proud of these photos: for us this place is almost “sacred”!

Our signature feature is: the ability to create sequences of images with an emotional communication that goes beyond the mere harmonious composition and documentary representation.

We don’t want to merely promise you emotional, moving, fun, highly communicative images: we also apply a special kind of direction to our shoots, an almost cinematographic concept.

Film directors often say that our shots are similar to the frames of a movie, a quality that subsequently several other studios have repeatedly tried to imitate, but… you’re here, visiting our website, and you can book the original!

Luca Rajna in his atelier in the Lake Como area
Luca Rajna's atelier. Photos

What you can see here characterizes our work, where every picture story is spontaneous, emotional, touching, enjoyable, characteristic, refined and complete, because, alone, it is a full description even without an explicative text.

Contact us!: there are loads of little secrets and tricks in building a photo shoot: we would be honored to share them with you by designing the shoot that you need!


The atelier is up the hill on the right of the frame, amongst the group of yellow houses with red roofs. This area is between the two branches of Lake Como, in which six other small lakes are located. The region is also called Bassa Comasca or Alta BrianzaLake Como area: landscape with the atelier fo Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici on the hill on the rightLuca Rajna in his atelier edits an album with a couple of newlyweds. Above: the main room of the atelier. Luca works together with a couple projecting their album. They wrote us on Facebook the day after:

“Yesterday the over six hours of collaboration (with peanuts and cookies) have flown … God honored us giving the chance to work with you creating the Project … [Dayana]
Starting from June until today I got to know you as a true professional of the photography art… Today I add also that I’ve found also a dear and sincere friend… May God bless you and your family so much for the heart and love we have received from you designing the album… I enjoyed this a lot… !!!
A hug [Carmelo]


Lake Pusiano, south of Lake Como, one of the six small lakes. Image taken for Villa di Delizia, a wedding venue, with Hipstamatic and an iPhone:
Lake Montorfano, another of the six lakes. Image taken during a wedding at Villa Barbavara with Hipstamaticand an iPhone:

Landscapes from our atelier:
Just outside the atelier: landscape Landscape from the Lake Como area lake_district_landscape_03 Morning landscape from the Lake Como areaStorming landscape from the Lake Como areaLandscape with double rainbow from the Lake Como areaWinter landscape from the Lake Como area From our atelier Form our atelier Landscape with Mount Resegone. Lake Como.

In the neighbourhood. The so called “The Path of the Giant”:
Lake Como area: landscape Lake Como area: landscape with church Luca Rajna Lake Como area: a villa Lake Como area: landscapesentiero_del_gigante_a_10sentiero_del_gigante_a_06

“Remnants of the past”: I loved hanging proofs to the walls of my darkroom… luca_rajna_00 luca_rajna_01 luca_rajna_03 luca_rajna_04 luca_rajna_05 luca_rajna_06