Truly, their wedding was a fairy tale.
As with every fable, this stupendous story begins with once upon a time

A 1960s mood wedding: Teatro Alberti, the venue for both the ceremony and reception.

This word coming from the mediterranean culture is directly derived from the Italian word “stupendo”, means also “impressive”, “stunning”.

Once upon a time there were Rose and Antony…
Rose and Antony were truly stupendi, as persons, in their beliefs, and in their creative choices.
They were stupendi for their taste, because they had very detailed and specific concepts, with no compromises.
They were stupendi for their resolution,  since in many cultures it is rare for a couple under twenty to wed.

Therefore, my visual story about their most important day, describes a celebration in a style without compromise: a pure 1960’s mood wedding.

A 1960s mood wedding: portrait of the bride and groom just after the ceremony.

They took seriously every choice creating the mood, as illustrated by Rose’s distinctive wedding ring: saphires and diamonds.

Arriving from New Zealand for their wedding in Italy, they chose the same location as their family’s joint vacations.
Rose and Antony in fact met the first time in Desenzano, Lake Garda a few years ago, while Nel Blu Dipinto di Blu (Volare) by Domenico Modugno was playing.

On the boat ride from Desenzano to nearby Sirmione, Antony proposed to Rose as they admired the remains of the Roman villa belonged to poet Gaio Valerio Catullo, now called Grottoes of Catullus.

Sirmione: the Grottoes of Catullus, view from the lake.

Couples who marry in the so-called Lakes District (the series of lakes found in northern Italy) usually request a romantic and panoramic venue.
In commitment to their vision, Rose and Antony specifically asked for a 1960’s mood venue, a truly fanciful request for that area.

But… was there a 60’s type location on Lake Garda?
Italy is a historic land. It is simpler to find an original Roman venue than a modern locale.

Desenzano, Teatro Alberti: the facade. This was the wedding venue.

This challenge was assigned to the wedding producer Caterina Lostia.
She scoured the land and found the incredible Teatro Alberti, a treasure hidden in the historical center of Desenzano. Its furnishings and internal architecture have strong reflections of the 60’s.

Caterina Lostia inside the Teatro Alberti during the survey for this 60s mood wedding.

Antony and Rose immediately fell in love with this theatre, which was formerly a catholic church. They choose the location for both their evangelical ceremony and reception.

Details of their 60’s mood wedding
Wedding producer Caterina Lostia was put to the test. Creating an authentic 60’s mood is not “a walk in the park”, but a quest to realize a non-stereotypical passé event.
Everything needed to be the 1960’s come alive, vintage and contemporary at the same time, requiring that each detail be coordinated including the wedding gown, makeup, hairstyle, and even the wedding cake.

1960s Hairstyle. Five samples.1960s wedding hairstyle from the bride.The wedding cake in 1960s style with its bloomy decorations.The bride, the groom and bridesmaids. Sample photos from original 1960s weddings.60s mood paper flowers and wedding decorations by Chicapui at the wedding ceremony venue.

A second real challenge was to dress the wedding party accordingly.
The women’s dresses by Gretel Z.Gretel Zanotti of the Milan Fashion District were perfect! When Rose and Antony saw her designs, it was love a first sight.
Her incredible collection of dresses have the true soul of the 60’s and correspond perfectly with photographs provided, with a touch of modern elegance. “Che classe!”
Rose fell immediately in love with the creations of Gretel Z., selecting a unique gown from the collection that seemed to have been created especially for her.
With flowers throughout, the train was in shades of azure, the incredible collar was adorned with geometric rhinestones.

The three bridesmaids in their 60s mood dresses by Gretel Z. holding blue bouquets just before the exchange of the rings. Bestmen's tuxedos (white jacket, black pants) and the blue buttonholes made with hortensia flowers.

She dressed the bridesmaids also in white, but adding a subtle gradient of delicate blue flowers.
The bestmen’s tuxedos were selected from May Faber, also of Milan.

Detail of a bridesmaid's dress in 1960s style by Gretel Z.: the blue flowers

The weather of this most important day was a true blessing: a sunny day arrived between two stormy nights.
The couple was able to take a boat and return to the spot on the lake where Antony proposed to Rose, and then launch a message of their love in a bottle to be discovered by lovers in the future.

1960's mood wedding: message in a bottle



… now their wedding day story in photos begins

The blue wedding colour palette got from an hortensia flower. 60s mood wedding: the very first portrait of the bride while getting ready.The 60s style wedding gowns of the bridesmaids hanging from the coat racks during the getting ready.Close-up of the bride The entrance of the wedding venue (Teatro Alberti, Desenzano del Garda) with the names of the bride and groom. Please smile to me! Luca Rajna taking a portrait of the bride during her make up.Candid portraiture of the bestmen during the getting ready. The bride wearing her 60s wedding gown helped by the staff of Caterina Lostia wedding producer. Image 1.The bride wearing her 60s wedding gown helped by the staff of Caterina Lostia wedding producer. Image 2.The collar adorned with geometric rhinestones.Bridal shoes, brilliant silverAgain the bride showing her shoes. The groom with the bestmen just before the 1960s mood wedding start. Candid photo.The groom with the best men just before the 1960s mood wedding start.The groom with the bestmen just before the 1960s mood wedding start. Posed portrait.Teatro Alberti, Desenzano del Garda. The main facade of the wedding venue with the bills related to the wedding.The bride and the bridesmaids: a true 1960s mood.1960s wedding: the pray before the ceremony (bestmen blessing the groom).1960s wedding: the pray before the ceremony (bridesmaids blessing the bride).1960s wedding: the pray before the ceremony (same scene, bestmen and the groom).1960s wedding: the pray before the ceremony (same scene, bridesmaids and the bride).Portrait fo the groom with the bestmen before the ceremony.Sabbadini's bee, broch version. The wedding rings (Sabbadini, Milano): gold, sapphires and diamonds on the paper white flowers by Chicapui.Bestmen and bridesmaids. The 1960s mood wedding ceremony begin.A "thrilled" groom...Bestemen and bridesmaids: very touching but happy momentsThe traditional wedding processional, image one. The traditional wedding processional, image two. 1960s mood ceremony: the celebrant pastor welcoming the groom.Details from the bride: earrings (high jewelry form Sabbadini, Milano) and the white bouquet (hortensia flowers).The groom is about to cry...The bride: gazing at the groom for the first time.Bride and groom gazing.Shyness and emotion from the bride....An astonished groom...The bride sharing emotions...The groom sharing emotions...Candid portraiture of the bride during her arrival at the wedding ceremony.The groom welcoming the bride. Photo one.The groom welcoming the bride. Photo two.The groom kissing the bride on the hand.Overview on the wedding ceremony scene. The bride and groom looking at the audience of guests.The wedding ceremony starts and a bridesmaid adjust the 1960s mood bride's wedding gown.Overview on the wedding ceremony. The 60s mood is extremely evident. The bride gives her bouquet to the bridesmaid.Blessing during the evangelical ceremonythe wedding rings pillow60s mondo wedding: the central part of the ceremony60's mood wedding: the wedding ring, saphires and diamonds1960s mood wedding ceremony: the exchange of ringsWedding ceremony: the first kiss.1960s mood Wedding ceremony. Bridesmaids laughing just after the first kiss.The newlyweds applauded by the assembly. Joyful moment.Focusing the wedding decorations: big paper white flowers by Chicapui.The bride and groom smiling at the photographer...Italia, the vintage boat on Lake Garda.The 1960s mood wedding ceremony ends.Overview on the Lake Garda.Desenzano del Garda: the old harbour inside the old town. Blue (the water fo the lake): the colour of this wedding. The taxi boat excursion with bridesmaids and best men starting. The crowd on the taxi boat.Desenzano del Garda. Landscape by the lake.Desenzano del Garda. Landscape. Desenzano del Garda. View of the harbour from the taxi boat. Portraits on the taxi boat. The bride flirts with the groom.The bride: gazing into the lens. View of Sirmione.Amazing light at the sunset Sunset taken from the Sirmione castle area.The bride and groom gazing. Amazing backlight at the sunset. 1960s mood glasses. Amazing sunset backlight with the bride and groom. A Kiss with the Sirmione castle in the background. Again the kiss. Golden reflections from the sunset. Topic is: petal tossing ideas! On the taxi boat, the bridesmaids throwing petals. On the taxi boat. Petals tossing from the bridesmaids. Photo two. Lake Garda; landscape.The newlyweds kissing after the petal tossing.The Grottoes of Catullus. Sirmione, Lake Garda. Bride and groom at the Grottoes of Catullus.Lake Garda: landscape with a boat. Amazing light. Again the bride and groom at the Grottoes of Catullus.Lake Garda, sunset scenery. Message in a bottle from the newlyweds. Bride and groom throwing the message in the bottle. The guests applauding.The bride rejoices and the groom applauds. Lake Garda, a landscape. View of the harbour of Desenzano. Coming back to the Teatro Alberti after the taxi boat excursion. The decorations on the wedding cake are inspired by what is seen in a 1960s wedding magazine.The cutting of the cake scene. All is in a strictly 60s mood, the theme of the wedding.The three bridesmaids smiling.Official toast from the bride and groom.They all toast.Card emulating a vintage social advertising form Twitter.Joyful moments with the guests.Mobiography: wedding portraits using the phone. Overview on the vintage social cards used at this 1960s mood wedding. Imaginary retro future ads are from Facebook, Twitter, Skype and YouTube. Where is Instagram?Bridesmaids and bestmen taking photos to the bride and groom using their phones. Show me the card! Imaginary Facebook vintage advertising. A wedding bill out of the Teatro Alberti, Desenzano. Destination wedding Italy! The end.


Wedding Producer
Caterina Lostia

Teatro Alberti, Desenzano del Garda

Paper Flower Decor

Barbara Guasto

Makeup Artist
Elisa Cuccu

Fashion Designer
Gretel Zanotti
Gretel Z.

May Faber


Cake Designer
Rachele Passavanti

Graphic Designer
Edoardo Perinelli


Many thanks to:
Jaana ErmacoraIlaria Gentile,
Davide RosatiRodolfo Grazzi