Lake Como Photographer

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Preserving memories

Back in the day, people would call on a painter to capture them to commemorate a special occasion.
Then, photography took over and everything has changed.

I like to capture special moments such as a narrative photoshoot, engagement, elopement or proposal.
Of course maternity and babymoon (the journey with your soon to be) are also extremely important, while not leaving out wedding, anniversary and birthday photography.

Here, allow me to offer you my hand as a specialised local photographer.
My mind is never stopping. In every case I create a story through my photographs and expose your unique experience for and with you. 

Image and representation

If you are an individual, searching for a personal photographer to capture you and your brand also truly desiring inspiration, then let me know.

If you are a couple, wishing to capture your holiday or time with your newborn, I am here to develop what you love. We can write your next story together.
As it is personal, I can assure you that I am never bored by a single photoshoot.
When potential clients approach me, I am intrigued to learn about them, and excited to meet them in person.

Photo sessions are not only hunting for photos. They are also creative and inspirational occasions which make you feel special, help you understand your very needs, and essentially give you happiness. Important factors within the mysteries of photography and the gifts of my work as a photographer.

Family photographer

Looking for a photoshoot for your babes, your kids or you as a family?
I will provide you with more than just a plain portrait photograph as I am a husband and a father also.
I have a sincerely deep understanding of the sensitive threads within each and every family.

Father first, then photographer

My work as a family photographer comes from my own experience as a father of two and I am enhancing it via photography.
When organizing family photoshoots, I feel responsible for the moments during planning and then also attaining the photographs.

Local Wedding Photographer

As the wedding photographer of unique celebrations on Lake Como, I create in renowned localities such as Como, Bellagio, Cernobbio, Laglio, Lenno, Menaggio, Tremezzina, Varenna, but I also have my amazing secret places and villages.

Living on Lake Como certainly allowed me to discover the most particular places and corners of this pictoresque landscape – not only the famous areas listed in ‘must see places of Italy’.
There are many, many more.
As a local, I know where to lead you to attain the best photographs and the best locations, along with the most suitable light.
I guarantee you are sure to spend a vibrant time exploring local ambiance gaining extremely memorable photographs.

Wedding options

Lake Como offers numerous options. Be it elopement weddings, intimate weddings or even the riches of a luxury wedding all capable of embracing the unique local ambiance.
We could mention the obvious towns, but don’t exclude the lesser known engrossing, picturesque villages. Some with lakeside locations while others nestle in mountain surroundings.

Does this sound like an array of options?
Speaking from experience, this area is both unforgettable but also challenging for wedding planners or those who want to have a celebration here. But once you have decided on it, and feel comfortable with your choice, I guarantee you will not regret it.
Have a look at my projects below and see if they capture your heart.