This is the basic album, and we do it ourselves.
There are a lot of colors available, both for the covers and for the boxes, and also for the paper of the pages.
The images are printed on resin coated semi-matt paper (the usual photographic paper) and manually pasted on cardboard pages.
wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_01 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_02 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_03Wedding album: a jewish wedding wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_06wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_04 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_07 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_08 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_09 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_10 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_11 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_20 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_30 wedding_album_luca_rajna_progetti_fotografici_40 


2) ARCHIVAL FIBER MATTE PAPER BOOK with flexible pages

This is our fine art book, a product of uncompromised quality made according to the highest standards of photography.
Its pages are exclusively made of smooth photographic paper and printed on both sides with a special inkjet technology purposely suited for albums.
Each paper is treated with an invisible acid free penetrating sealer to avoid abrasions, fingerprint marks and yellowing and to increase water resistance.
The dimension of each page is A3, 11,7 x 16,5 inch.
fiber_paper_wedding_book_2Smooth fiber paper wedding albumfiber_paper_wedding_book_5fiber_paper_wedding_book_4fiber_paper_wedding_book_7fiber_paper_wedding_book_8fiber_paper_wedding_book_9


3) FIBER MATTE PAPER BOOK with hard pages

This is another version of our fine art book.
The internal dimension of a page is now 12 x 12 inches.
Its pages are treated in the same way of the previous book.
libro_12 libro_11 libro_10 libro_09 libro_08 libro_07 libro_06 libro_05 libro_04 libro_03 libro_02 libro_01 



The pages are made in offset printing and are the same size as the original book (inside page of 12×12 inch.).
A product of extremely advantageous price/quality ratio, it is suitable as gift to families and witnesses.
librogenitori_01-20 librogenitori_01-21 librogenitori_01-22 librogenitori_01-23 librogenitori_01-24 librogenitori_01-25 librogenitori_01-28 librogenitori_01-30 librogenitori_01-31 librogenitori_01-32 librogenitori_01-33 librogenitori_01-34 librogenitori_01-36 librogenitori_01-37 librogenitori_01-38 librogenitori_01 



We print all our production at the Laboratorio Cler, Mariano Comense (Como).
The owners are Luciano and Roberto, to whom we are grateful for having always guaranteed quality and excellent service
Roberto is checking the pages ready for binding:
Fine art wedding albums: workflowcler2_03
Colorimetric test with the spectrophotometer:
Colorimetric test with the spectrophotometercler2_13
Ready to print:
Ready for printing
The 12×24 inch prints coming out of the Epson printer:
The 12x24 inch prints coming out of the Epson printercler2_23