Classic Album

Prints glued on the papers

This is our classic album, and we do it ourselves.
There are several colors available, both for the covers and for the boxes, and also for the pages.
The images are printed on resin coated semi-matt paper (the usual photographic paper) and manually pasted on cardboard pages.

Wedding album designed by Luca Rajna. The album is closed in its box.


Flexible pages

This is our fine art book, a product of uncompromised quality made according to the highest standards of photography.
Its pages are exclusively made of smooth photographic paper and printed on both sides with a special inkjet technology purposely suited for albums.
Each paper is treated with an invisible acid free penetrating sealer to avoid abrasions, fingerprint marks and yellowing and to increase water resistance.
The dimension of each page is A3, 11,7 x 16,5 inch.

A fine-art smooth paper wedding album designed by Luca Rajna.


Following the narrative photography concept

The fine and minimalist graphics of the albums avoids any kind of low-elegant effects in the internal pages, achieving the highest emotional impact just with the most refined editing, which is the art of choosing the image combinations.
As you can read in the home page, in 2024 I was awarded with the International Action Art – UNESCO gold medal for my narrative storytelling photography projects.


Manual process

We print all our production at the Laboratorio Cler, Mariano Comense (Como).
The owners are Luciano and Roberto, to whom we are grateful for having always guaranteed quality and excellent service.
This sequence also shows the colorimetric test with the spectrophotometer before to start the Epson printer.

Print laboratory Cler, Mariano Comense, Italy. Roberto gives the last check to the printed pages of a wedding album.

… And this is me with a couple, doing the editing of an album!

Luca Rajna projects a wedding book together with the bride and groom

Above we are in the main room of my atelier, a few years ago. I am at work with a couple, project their album. They wrote this on Facebook the day after:

“Yesterday the over six hours of collaboration (with peanuts and cookies) have flown.
God honored us giving the chance to work with you creating the Project…

Starting from June until today I got to know you as a true professional of the photography art. Today I add also that I’ve found also a dear and sincere friend.
May God bless you and your family so much for the heart and love we have received from you designing the album. I enjoyed this a lot! A hug