Lario Lightroom Presets: Slight airy mood, details and natural dynamic range

Technique views, philosophy, educational opportunities from a graduated in photography

All professional photographers and photography lovers are welcome, everybody has to do his research and experimentation.
Yet, I take my artistic „duty“ seriously, therefore, I share some of my tricks and ideas to leave this craft in continuation and to give back from what I got.

After attending high school, I spent two extra years studying at the CFP Riccardo Bauer photography school in Milan with artists and teachers such as Roberta Valtorta, Maurizio Buscarino and Gianfranco Mazzocchi.

Lario Lightroom Presets: revealing every subtle detail of the scene

Here it is my project about mentoring, and my Lightroom presets for professional photographers.
You will no longer have to worry about choosing the readability of the lights by sacrificing that shadow or vice versa.

Each preset is suitable for all lighting conditions, has excellent results in backlight readability.
The Lario Lightroom Prests are helpful in all lighting conditions considered difficult. they also maintain a perfect contrast with soft light settings.