This Sima lens is distiguquished by a single dioptric lens inserted in a double plastic tube. It was produced in the ’80s and was sold in photographic accessories catalogue Hama as “soft focus macro.”
Focusing is by piston, the two pieces which constitute the lens can be mounted and are removable.
There are no mechanical parts.
The focal length is about 100mm. The lens is a f2.

You can find one without much difficulty on eBay or other sales websites.
It’s T screw coupling allows use with any cameras via adapter ring.

For all those photographers keen on analog emulation, obviously it has the characteristic of being an original lens from the 80s created almost simultaneously with the production of the Holga cameras.

It is interesting to read the description in the original catalogue. I have the Hama in my possession, dated 1985 with this description:

Special lens for soft edges, that can also be used to mark. It allows for delicate images and “fog” effect, otherwise unobtainable; It transforms simple motifs into delicate masterpieces.
The effect depends on the aperture set. With Aperture 2 it gives the maximum fading effect; Diaphragm with 4 or 5.6 attenuates this effect.
Ideal for portraits, landscapes, still life and backlit scenes.
Distance control with continuous variability in the macro field. Allows macro shooting up to 1: 1.5!
focal length: 100 mm
Diaphragms: f 2 – 4 – 5.6
Maximum magnification ratio: 1. 1.5
length :147 mm
Weight: 156 g!
Supplied series: set of two diaphragm disks to be inserted; gray filter ND x4 and lens cover.
Camera attachment with thread T 2.
With T 2 adapters you can connect to almost all SLR cameras.

… take a look:


I have always believed that we could photograph everything in interesting ways, even in the absence of a situation commonly referred to as photogenic or ‘particular’.
This country football match is an example.
I wanted to test myself on photography, but what I remember most is the sense of deep respect that I felt toward the main characters of this meeting: I could perceive the importance that these young players gave fully to what they were doing. For them this was “the” match.
For the realization of these images I used the Sima soft focus lens with an homebuilt diaphragm f4,5. I haven’t add any digital bokeh or flare to the images.

Preset info: VSCO Film 07 – Fuji 160S +

gso__lurago_1 gso__lurago_20 gso__lurago_30 gso__lurago_40 gso__lurago_50 gso__lurago_60 gso__lurago_70 gso__lurago_80 gso__lurago_90 gso__lurago_100 gso__lurago_110 gso__lurago_120 gso__lurago_140 gso__lurago_150 gso__lurago_190 gso__lurago_192 gso__lurago_200 gso__lurago_300 gso__lurago_400 gso__lurago_450 gso__lurago_460 gso__lurago_470



Here it is the Sima Soft Focus working with portraits.
Raw files are developed again in film emulation but using the Replichrome preset Fuji Pro 800Z :: Noritsu +
The “+” sign in the Replichrome terminology means that the preset emulates the overexposition of +1 stop (400 ASA).
I haven’t add any digital bokeh or flare to the images.



… in three steps:
Starting form my preset Luca Rajna Lario 400H in Adobe Lightroom, I first worked the files in Analog Efex Pro by Nik Software (now managed by Google), then in Alien Skin Exposure by Alien Skin Software using the standard preset “Color Photo” form the “Color Fading” folder.
… They look warm and analog, didn’t they?
A new Fantasia Sopra la Città di Venezia (Fantasia upon Venice).