Venice Photographer

Showing benefits from booking a local photographer

Wedding or elopement photoshoot?

Venice is close to my heart, as I have found here my wife and it is my very favorite place where to create or to get inspiration. Is it similar to you? Are you planning a wedding in Venice? Let me show you how can your wedding photography look like here.

Interested in elopement photos? Great. I would take you to famous and also to less famous places, that can unveil sometimes known and sometimes less known history, that has also formed our modern days.

Bringing back home your memories

Venice is an unforgettable place and with its unique mixture of gothic, renaissance and Byzantine architecture one of the best places in the world to be captured.
But, please, believe me, the city could also appear as an overcrowded labirynth where it is not possibile take good frames.

Local photographers only can really plan timing, light, and locations here.

Family Storytelling

Every moment within the family is important and I want to capture the best of these moments.
You can tell me which kind of emotion or situation you would like to capture and I will customize the photo session to fit your needs.

My photography style is not static, I find great inspiration in paintings and as well in journalism.
I give it a special touch, to make photos that would tell stories and this comes from my own experience as husband and father of two.

Narrative photography

If you are not yet aware of the technique of storytelling photography, that is completely fine.
You don´t have to!
All you need to do is to be yourself and I would lead you as your photographer.
It will be my pleasure to create the finest and emotional narrative photography sequences.

Ready for La Serenissima? Follow me! You can bring back home unforgettable memories of meeting this place with someone, who knows it very well and can lead you to truly interesting spots without any hesitation.