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Ciao, welcome to my online teaching and many thanks for reaching me here.

First of all, I want to start with telling you why Idecided to start teaching photography online: it’s the best way to provide a personalized service where can focus on any specific topic in depth. This is very important and it’s a must to deliver a high-qualityservice aimed at satisfying all of the client’s needs.

Until February 2021, I used to give one-to-one lessons via Skype at € 67,oo/hour but I realized it was very demanding for me and too intensive for the client.

The concentration of a considerable amount ofinformation in a single lesson without a propersubsequent mentoring is not the best learning solution.

Feedbacks from photographers to whom I gave one-to-one lessons on Skype made me understand that out of a full Skype lesson, only less than half of the teaching was put in practice.I also realized that my interlocutor had no recollection of a certain topic: “Ah yes, Luca, sorry I forgot we spoke about this!”.

The usual one hour, one-to-one Skype lessons concentrate an excessive amount of information too quickly, and by the end of the lesson the focus and concentration significantly decrease.This isn’t optimal to make the most out of the teachings.

This is why I revolutionized my teaching method, and I’m proud to introduce you to my via chat teaching on Telegram!The method is tested, works very well and is much more effective.


What does consist of?

My mentoring plan now consists of a monthly subscription to a private chat with me.The cost of the subscription is € 67,oo.

You will be tutored step by step for a whole month at the same cost of just one-hour Skype lesson.

I will be available to teach you all the necessary for your technical, artistic and communicative growth as photographer, with the remarkable advantage that everything we discuss about will remain written down with order and therefore always easily in any moment.Remember we have already talked about a certain topic? Just scroll in the chat and find what you need!

How does it work?

First I will listen to what your needs are. Then, after a verification of your shooting-technique andoverall preparation and an analysis of your website and/or socials, I will set up a growth program by themes. We can also talk about the Instagram growth.

The results will be checked together, you can text me and send the necessary images.The response to your chat messages is guaranteed within twenty-four hours from Monday to Friday early afternoon.This is the most efficient way to learn the teaching topics, and not to lose them in an one-hour recording that you do not know when you will listen to again.

My whole teaching will be available in writing since the beginning and in a schematic and ordered way. You will easily find all the topics and review them also separately.

Photography mentorship

Rules and limitations

– only text and images.No vocal messages or audios, they are time-consuming and sometimes hard to understand.Saving time leads to a better quality of the service.

– one message per topic. Try to be as compact as you can, several short messages in a row are dispersive. Our chat has to be clear and schematic. It will be easier for both of us.

– feel free to ask anything you want to know and learn about.

– I’m pleased to work with anyone from everywhere but, as you have already understood, I am specialized in Lake Como and Venice.My know-how and knowledge about these two places is the result of a real and long time investment.Unfortunately, I cannot make my teaching available to photographers active in these two areas.

Am I right for these lessons?

Easily, yes!

Professionals, amateurs or beginners. I consider everyone holding a camera as “photographer”.

It doesn’t matter what level you are at. If I am in tune with your way of photographing, so I can be helpful, you are welcome.Feel free to send me a message from the form below and let’s talk about it together! Good “light”! 🙂

Luca Rajna, online teaching