Two thousand years of art and traditions

Are you planning to visit Lake Como and to celebrate here your love? Great choice!
I started my activity in the wedding field as specialised local photographer in 1994, when I opened my first studio in the old town of Como.

Lake Como is one of the most famous lakes of Italy, based in the region of Lombardy, surrounded by beautiful nature, filled with peace, cultural and historical heritage.
Nowadays, it is a pulsing place, chosen by hundred-thousands of visitors every year, and one of the most visited areas in Italy by Italian and also foreign visitors. It is still keeping its calm lifestyle in a way, as all around Como are rather small towns and one of the most common noises you can here is – simply silence.

What is the secret of this place?
Even before the Roman Empire, little villages around Lake Como have been important places of trade. Exchange of cultures, goods, and philosophies were going on here. Today we can think about it as a wonderful place to be, to experience it at least once in a lifetime.
If we open chapters of the history, we find the tracks even of the nobility of the 1st century, coming here to be immersed in the poetical atmosphere. Later on, many artists such as writers, poets, painters captured and spread the word about Lake Como.

One of the important steps in chapters of Lake Como is the notebook of sketches created by painter William Turner. Turner had visited Italian cities during the famous „Grand Tour“ and left us a sketchbook entitled „Como and Venice“. If you see paintings of Turner, coming under „romanticism“, capturing more than atmosphere and light with powerful sensitivity, you can feel at Lake Como, why this place was such an unforgettable experience and inspiration for him.

From paintings to development of photography and later on, movies.
Painters have the power to capture a version of reality, but how about capturing reality into photos and collecting them into moving pictures in form of movies?
Lake Como was as well one of the places, that saw the birth of photography.
Until these days, it is as well famous and a favorite location for small and big movies. We don´t have to go far, it is enough to say Agent 007 rode around Lake Como, Princess Padme and Anakin celebrated their marriage at the location of Lake Como, but in their story, it was planet Naboo. Lately, Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery hunted the enemy around Lake Como and even it was a comedy and she was great, one glossy Ferrari fell victim…



Local photographer since 1994

As a wedding photographer, I am aware of all this beauty, and as well about hidden stories, that are resting covered under the time. As I live and work here for many years, I perfectly know the locations, time, subjects.
Lake Como is not only famously presented villas and resorts. There is so much more to experience, and everyone can find here their favorite piece of story or feeling. To find the best spots, you would need a local photographer, who can choose the perfect spots, according to your time and needs.
You came to become part of the new stories of this lake. By capturing you, you will take back home not only beautiful photos. I am offering you an unforgettable experience.

As sometimes happens in life, there are many things, we overlook. But I am here, to show you magnificent and breathtaking views not only of Lake Como but as well to its development, people living here and making it what it is today. Does it sound good for you?

Within years of experience, I take every photoshoot as a new approach.
I understand that it requires special attention to my customers and their wishes and needs. You have decided to celebrate your relationship with somebody, I am here to take care of your memory, that you can get from here.

You can have a photoshoot that would be capturing the best day of your life – your wedding at Lake Como. I will be there to capture the special moments.
There should be no surprise, no distractions from you enjoying your special day. This is why I communicate with my clients a lot about their wishes of results. Under my direction we can take stunning perfect frames, but you are not pushed into anything, no artificial posing taking precious time if you prefer the classic wedding photojournalism style. No feeling of stress from my side, simply care and sensitivity on what is right and needed to do.

There are different ways how to capture the special wedding occasion. I can plan for you a full day photo itinerary around Lake Como or you can have me as your photographer is a single location, with both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception in the same venue. The choice is yours.
You can find on this website and on my Instagram feed many approaches and different solutions. It always starts with YOU and your wishes.

I am local, I know where to take the best pictures in the most beautiful, untouched, unimaginable historical places, planning your itinerary with the best timing.

We can change locations by using the best wooden vintage taxi boats, characteristic for Lake Como.

In case of request, I would organize other members of the team to help with the wedding planning, guiding, or styling solutions. We would do everything for you to enjoy the immersive experience of a wedding photoshoot at Lake Como.

I am presenting here the offer of my work at Lake Como. There is no need to cover the whole of Italy or to pretend I can do everything in the world. I am ready to provide the best photography service and the best experience for you because I focus on my location and deeply in the theme.

The constant creative process, education, and need for growth are fascinating.
It is easy to stick with a simple plan and to copy what others do. I believe in the „harder“ way, in elaborating my system and to be 100 % sure of my capacities. I know what is and what is not possible here.

If you would like to know more about my services, you can simply contact me trough the module below and tell me something about you.

Going to celebrate your love story at Lake Como?
Looking forward to meet you!

Bridal portrait in a secret spot around Lake Como.
Wedding photoshoot on the ancient roman road, Lake Como.
Lake Como, a fairy tale which started a thousands of years ago.
You can even have your photoshoot in an ancient village founded by the Celts, along the remains of the Roman street built by Julius Caesar.