Lake Como from the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio



You who are searching for the best wedding photographer on Lake Como

  • “Te Larii Maxime” (“You, Lake Como the Great”; Virgil, 1st century BC).
    Lake Como is a place celebrated for its beauty since the time of the ancient Romans.

  • It is no trivial matter that the greatest love story of Italian literature ‘The Betrothed’ by Alessandro Manzoni was set here and saw the light together with the birth of photography.

  • The notebook of sketches made during the Grand Tour by William Turner, the immense “painter of light” of English romanticism, is titled “Como and Venice”. This was for him the greatest enchantment that Italy could offer.

In more recent times many famous films have been filmed here, including:

  • A Month by the Lake (1995), comedy directed by John Irvin with Vanessa Redgrave, Edward Fox and Uma Thurman.
  • Casino Royale (2006), the twenty-first film in the Eon Productions James Bond film series directed by Martin Campbell with first starring of Daniel Craig as Agent 007.
  • Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, because on Lake Como and around the promontory of the Villa del Balbianello (Lenno), George Lucas found the perfect place to set the scenes of Naboo, the Planet of the Lakes.

Daniel McVicar on Lake Como, Italy.

Laglio: Daniel McVicar going to a private party at Villa Regina Teodolinda

Varenna; lake Como. Wedding ceremony. San Giorgio chu

Varenna, San Giorgio church: light reflections on the black marble floor

What kind of pictures have we chosen for you in this post

  • The first sequence of images is taken from a work we call “personal photographer”, this means following a person or a couple in certain situations (usually for half a day).
    In this case the bride and groom asked to be followed for a shooting set in the picturesque village of Brienno after celebrating an intimate wedding without guests in the gardens of the Relais Villa Vittoria, Laglio.
  • On the other hand the second sequence was chosen specifically because it does full justice to the magnificent beauty of Lake Como: a location with spectacular scenery (Villa Passalacqua, Moltrasio) and a tour by boat before the reception on a lovely day. Guests from all over the world were able to experience the beauty of the surroundings as fully as possible. In this service, unlike the previous one, the couple chose not to pose for any photograph except those requested by them on the spur of the moment (wedding photojournalism style).

One fundamental thing to bear in mind in order to make the right decision for your wedding photographs

  • Seeing as we have a lot of experience in this field we wish to give you some advice. Towards the end of the 90’s we were the first Photographic studio to propose the revolutionary idea of ‘wedding photojournalism’ – style without pose – on an internet site. Before our studio spread the idea of wedding photojournalism most photographers used an unnatural and uncreative style, or conventional poses, sometimes using many artificial light points.
  • The artistic ideas of the photographer prevailed over the atmosphere of the party and the hearts of the newly-weds, and distracted them from their guests.Nowadays wedding photojournalism is the most-used style in Italy.But in our opinion the whole idea of being different by being a ‘photo-reporter’ is an outdated concept, if not banal. Posed photographs and portraits, if done with a mature and renewed style, are now living a new life especially as a stylistic citation or modern vintage, fantastic when placing the wedding couple in a ‘shabby chic’ surrounding, and if taken by a good photographer can give wonderfully poetic photographs in little time, so allowing the couple more time to enjoy their guests and reception!

Villa d'Este, Lake Como. Fireworks

Villa d’Este: fireworks facing the lake

Teatro Sociale di Como: wedding

Como: winter wedding at the Teatro Sociale

“Oh what a pity we did it…” Vs “We’ve found the best solution”

The first secret for deciding which kind of wedding photographs to ask for is contained in these two great tips:

  • On the day of your wedding you should be happy about anything you do with your photographer.
  • Do not feel obliged to do anything you do not like just because it ‘has always been done that way…’
  • After your wedding day you shouldn’t regret not having done something with your photographer, if you have doubts, do it.
  • If the photographer has the right sensitivity he will surely make you feel at your ease.

  • As for the studio Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici,
    optimizing all the tricks of the trade
    learned in over twenty years’ experience.
  • We are honored to guarantee state of the art photography.
    We invite you to CONTACT US,
    evaluate our estimates and offers,

Luca Rajna at Villa del Balbianello during a wedding service


Personal Photographer

Relais Villa Vittoria, Laglio. External Shooting: Brienno

Preset infos // Color: Luca Rajna – Lario Rivera // B&W: Luca Rajna – Lario Biancoenero

010villa_vittoria020_lake_como_laglio030_lake_como_040_villa_vittoria_laglio_italy050_villa_vittoria_laglio_lake_como060_villa_vittoria_lake_como070_villa_vittoria_120_lake_como_personal_photographer130_lake_como_personal_photographer140_lake_como_personal_photographer160_lake_como_personal_photographer170_lake_como_personal_photographer180_lake_como_personal_photographer190_lake_como_personal_photographer200_lake_como_personal_photographer210_lake_como_personal_photographer220_lake_como_personal_photographer225__lake_como_personal_photographer230_lake_como_personal_photographer235__lake_como_personal_photographer240_lake_como_personal_photographer245_lake_como_personal_photographer250_lake_como_personal_photographer255_lake_como_personal_photographer270_lake_como_personal_photographerThe pier of Brienno, Lake Como260_lake_como_personal_photographerWedding photographer: a double exposure of the bride and groom.Wedding bouquet330_lake_como_personal_photographerWedding photographer: portrait of the bride and groom. Italy.300_lake_como_personal_photographerPersonal photographer shooting on Lake Como, ItalyPersonal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. A bride.Lake ComoLake Como: Italian traditional village. Ancient dairy.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. Portrait.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. Two photo frames.430_lake_como_personal_photographerPersonal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. Typical photo of the couple.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. Black and white photo.460_lake_como_personal_photographerLake Como, Italy. Brienno.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. The kiss.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. Portrait of the groom.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. The couple with and old historical house on the background.Brienno, Lake Como, Italy.Wedding photography: portraits of the bride and groom.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. Creative frames.Personal photographer shooting on Lake Como, Italy. The groom.Wedding shooting on Lake Como, Italy. The bride and groom walking in an old village.Lake Como, Italy.Newlyweds portrait, Lake Como, Italy (wedding photography).Wedding in Italy: the photographer's shooting. A portrait.Lake Como, Italy.The bride and groom. Shooting on Lake Como, ItalyWedding photography: the bride and groom. Shooting on Lake Como, ItalyLake Como: a landscape with swans.Wedding photography: the bride and groom. Shooting on Lake Como, ItalyCreative photo on Lake Como. ItalyMap of the Lake Como.Intimate dinner for newlyweds on Lake Como, Italy.730_lake_como_personal_photographer


That branch of the Lake of Como, which extends towards the south, is enclosed by two unbroken chains of mountains, which, as they advance and recede, diversify its shores with numerous bays and inlets.

Suddenly the lake contracts itself, and takes the course and form of a river, between a promontory on the right, and a wide open shore on the opposite side.

The bridge which there joins the two banks seems to render this transformation more sensible to the eye, and marks the point where the lake ends, and the Adda again begins—soon to resume the name of the lake, where the banks receding afresh, allow the water to extend and spread itself in new gulfs and bays.

The open country, bordering the lake, formed of the alluvial deposits of three great torrents, reclines upon the roots of two contiguous mountains, one named San Martino, the other, in the Lombard dialect, the Resegone, because of its many peaks seen in profile, which in truth resemble the teeth of a saw so much so, that no one at first sight, viewing it in front (as, for example, from the northern bastions of Milan), could fail to distinguish it by this simple description, from the other mountains of more obscure name and ordinary form in that long and vast chain. For a considerable distance the country rises with a gentle and continuous ascent; afterwards it is broken into hill and dale, terraces and elevated plains, formed by the intertwining of the roots of the two mountains, and the action of the waters.

The shore itself, intersected by the torrents, consists for the most part of gravel and large flints; the rest of the plain, of fields and vineyards, interspersed with towns, villages, and hamlets: other parts are clothed with woods, extending far up the mountain.

Alessandro Manzoni (1785 – 1873): the beginning of “I Promessi Sposi” (“The Betrothed”), the most celebrated italian novel first published in 1827


The mount Resegone from the atelier of Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici (landscape).

The Mount Resegone from our atelier.



Classic Wedding Photojournalism

Jewish Wedding at Villa Passalacqua, Moltrasio

Preset infos // Color: various Luca Rajna – Lario presets + modified ASE Color Photo // B&W: modified VSCO Ilford HP5+ from VSCO FILM 01

00_lake_como01_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio02_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio04_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio10b_lake_como-wedding_photographer05_villa_passalacqua_lake_como06_lake_como_wedding_photographerJewis wedding: music and the pomegranates 10_lake_como_wedding_photographer 07.48.12 11b_lake_como_wedding_photographer 12_lake_como_wedding_photographer 13_lake_como_wedding_photographer15_lake_como_wedding_photographer16_lake_como_wedding_photographer17_lake_como_wedding_photographer19_lake_como_wedding_photographer18 21_lake_como_wedding_photographer22_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding23_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding24a_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding 25_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding27_lake_como_wedding_photographer28_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding29_lake_como_wedding_photographer30a_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding 31_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding33_lake_como_jewish_wedding34a_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding 36_lake_como_wedding_photographer37_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding38a_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding 39_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding40_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding43_lake_como_wedding_photographer 45_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding 46_lake_como_wedding_photographer 48_lake_como_wedding_photographer 49_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding 50b_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding51_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding52_lake_como_wedding_photographer53_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding54_lake_como_wedding_photographer55_lake_como_wedding_photographer56_lake_como_wedding_photographer57_lake_como_wedding_photographer58a_lake_como_wedding_photographer 59_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding60_villa_passalacqua_moltrasio_wedding6061_lake_como_wedding62_lake_como_wedding63_lake_como_wedding65_lake_como_wedding_photographer66_lake_como_wedding_photographer67_lake_como_wedding_photographer68_lake_como_wedding_photographer69_lake_como_wedding_photographer 70_lake_como_wedding_photographer 71_lake_como_wedding_photographer 72_lake_como_wedding_photographer 73_lake_como_wedding_photographer 74_lake_como_wedding_photographer75_lake_como_wedding_photographer76_lake_como_wedding_photographer78__lake_como_wedding_photographer 79_lake_como_wedding_photographer80_lake_como_wedding81_lke_como_landscape82_lake_como_wedding_photographer83_lake_como_wedding_photographer84_lake_como_wedding_photographer85_lake_como_wedding_photographer86_lake_como_wedding_photographer87_lake_como_wedding_photographer88_lake_como_wedding_photographer89_lake_como_wedding_photographer90_lake_como_wedding_photographer 92_lake_como_wedding_photographer93_lake_como_wedding_photographer94_lake_como_wedding_photographer95_lake_como_wedding_photographer96_lake_como_wedding_photographer97_lake_como_wedding_photographer98_lake_como_wedding_photographer 99_lake_como_wedding_photographer101_lake_como_wedding_photographer102_lake_como_wedding_photographer103_lake_como_wedding_photographer104_lake_como_wedding_photographer105_lake_como_wedding_photographer 107_lake_como109_lake_como_wedding_photographer110a_lake_como_wedding 111_lake_como_wedding113_lake_como_wedding_photographer114_lake_como_wedding_photographer115_lake_como_wedding_photographer116_lake_como_wedding_photographer117_lake_como_wedding_photographer118_lake_como_wedding_photographer119_lake_como_wedding_photographer120_lake_como_wedding_photographer121_lake_como_wedding_photographer122_lake_como_wedding_photographer 124_lake_como_wedding_photographer125_lake_como_wedding_photographer129_lake_como_wedding_photographer126_lake_como_wedding_photographer 128_lake_como_wedding_photographer130_lake_como_wedding_photographer 132_lake_como_wedding_photographer133_lake_como_wedding_photographer134_lake_como_wedding_photographer135_lake_como_wedding_photographer 137_lake_como_wedding_photographer138_lake_como_wedding_photographer139_lake_como_wedding_photographer140_lake_como_wedding_photographer141_lake_como_wedding_photographer142_lake_como_wedding_photographer143_lake_como_wedding_photographer142_lake_como_wedding143_lake_como_wedding144_lake_como_wedding 147_lake_como_wedding145_lake_como_wedding148_lake_como_wedding149_lake_como_wedding150_lake_como_wedding151_lake_como_wedding152_lake_como_wedding155a_lake_como_wedding158_lake_como_wedding_photographer159_lake_como_wedding_photographer 161_lake_como_wedding_photographer162_lake_como_wedding_photographer163_lake_como_wedding_photographer164_lake_como_wedding_photographer 166_lake_como_wedding_photographerLake Como: moonlight reflections on the water