Theory first. What an "elopement wedding" is?

Easy to explain: it’s a wedding with the two you alone, without any guests witnesses included.
Witnesses are found on site, if requested (sometime, it happened, I was both photographer and witness…).
A wedding with witnesses or a small number of guests is not an elopement but an intimate wedding, with a different storytelling approach form the photographer.

Bride's portrait at the red stairs of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Elopement on Lake Como: the two options

About elopements,  I offer a wide experience about the lake, our culture, and heritage. The history here is starting from the traces of Celts and the Roman remains, continue in sublime beauty and stories until today.
My itineraries are planned following the concept of deep and interesting exploration of the area. It means not only beautiful famous villas on the lake-side (most of them are private and there is always an entrance fee).
With me, you can explore more. To admire unknown landscapes, hidden villages and to see unusual views while being photographed.
You can choose between the half-day or the full day photoshoot.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo: photographer's creative portrait of the bride and groom.

Elopement: how does it look like?

During half-day service, we have to opportunity to explore local culture and history following the lakeside streets, while using my car. Additionally, for the best lake views and a perfect „lake experience“ you can as well book a water taxi.
Full day service will allow us even more: reaching amazing and less known mountains with their very typical villages and remains, that are not recognizable from the lake shore.
Some spots are even almost forgotten, but I can lead you there allowing you to explore it enjoyably.
You are looking at a selection taken form the full day photoshoot with two photographers, € 2270,oo. The delivery consisted of seven hundred and sixty-four post-produced images with their transposition in black and white taken at the Grand Hotel TremezzoVilla Sola Cabiati (Tremezzina) and all around Lake Como.

I usually do not have fixed prices except for single or couple photoshoots, this is the case.
In all the other services my prices depends on the whole wedding budget, locations, number of guests etc.

FULL DAY PHOTOSHOOT (6-10 hours, two photographers) € 2470,oo
(non cash payments +20%)
FULL DAY PHOTOSHOOT(6-10 hours, one photographer) € 1670,oo
(non cash payments +20%)

HALF DAY PHOTOSHOOT (1-5 hours, two photographers) € 1670,oo
(non cash payments +20%)
HALF DAY PHOTOSHOOT (1-5 hours, one photographer) € 970,oo
(non cash payments +20%)

NB: please note my services are not per hour.
This pricelist is set for opening a storytelling project with me and booking the day, with a different maximum of hours available. As an example: the price of one hour-photoshoot or a five-hour photo shoot is the same.

- Two photographers for the two of us?
- Yes, higher quality storytelling for sure!

Elopement wedding ceremony at Villa Sola Cabiati, Lake Como.

That said, I am only a photographer but I have one superpower. With the only challenge to follow my availability, I offer an “insurance” about the weather, so we can shift the day in case of rain. (NB this is possible only if I’m free from other photography services, but please notice that the minimum stay to scout the lake is four days, and I suggest to book the photoshoot on the first one or at least on the second). 

Lake Como can be considered great in all kinds of weather, this depends on the right concept given to the storytelling plan, but not everyone is a fan of rain. With my method, wandering in little streets around the lake or its steep meadows could become a creative and unconventional mood, but during a taxi boat ride every raindrop is not welcome.
From all the seasons, everybody finds here different seasons suitable to explore and get a visual record in the form of photo service.

This all can be happening, and during that, you will obtain genuinely cinematic storytelling about you and your love in a wonderful setting of this spectacular place. Yes, it is correct. You are exploring beautiful places and will get photos capturing you in breathtaking locations.

So here we are, I am ready to become your photographer in Italy!
All the best,


Bride and groom's entrance at Villa Sola Cabiati.

The end.
Every image is also delivered with its black and white transposition: