Laglio, Lake Como

Having already a general idea about locations based on Lago Di Como? Well done! Here it comes, a beautiful spot in a small town on Lake ComoRelais Villa Vittoria. Visiting it, you would happen to be in a „movie- location” like spot and in reality, in the middle of one of the most famous retreat homes of the world…

Relais Villa Vittoria is a historical villa transformed into a charming boutique hotel – a perfect choice for your wedding celebration. It is great for luxurious getaways on calm waters of Lake Como and perfect for special events. 

In these lines, you can find practical info about a run of this spectacular place set on the coast of Lake Como, invisible from the road but giving you nonchalant direct views of Lake Como from the private areas. It is easy to fall in love with this place after visiting it, so let me get you closer to it while simply reading these words and showing you photos. 

After my lines and showing you my photos of beautiful celebrations in Relais Villa Vittoria, you can read two interviews with people having a direct experience with this venue. It will be a lady from the management of RVV speaking and one bride, having had celebrated her special day there.

Relais Villa Vittoria is annually noticed as one of the best locations for wedding celebrations or as chosen for a wedding or elopement photos. Why do I want to tell you more about it? I have had numerous projects going on here, being as well the official photographer of the villa, knowing the owners and considering them as my friends. These are not to feel proud, but to offer you local knowledge, contact and direct offer of the full and high-quality offer. Relais Villa Vittoria is a top-quality hospitality provider. You never get mistaken while staying or dining here. 

This charming villa is a perfectly suitable place for those who want to enjoy a privately held wedding celebration. Delightful rooms with ancient taste but with the luxury of modernity are available as well services and quality of the boutique hotel. 

You will not be alone in organizing weddings here, upon request in case of more- day celebration RVV can help you to get the best external service providers to make sure your wedding will be perfect. If you are interested, Villa has its own wedding planner service at your disposal, let´s get in touch with them. There are different options for having a wedding celebration here – from the small circuit of family and friends, intimate celebration, dreamy wedding.

For me as a photographer, it is a spectacular and delightful architecture, tasty interiors and marvelous garden surrounded by waters and views of Lake Como. I already know which are the best times to provide photos here and which places are perfect for a couple photoshoot. What are you waiting for? Visit Relais Villa Vittoria directly through the next images!

The Relais Villa Vittoria seen form the water during a wedding.

If you choose one day for your wedding ceremony, a good choice. Therefore, the weather is not always a friend of ours. Knowing this local nuance, Villa Vittoria is ready to host both interior and exterior celebrations, also with the Plan „B“ option.

From the experience of my wedding couples that I have worked with, the option of the multiple-day wedding celebration was the best solution. Why? You can have time to enjoy this spectacular area, get unforgettable peaceful and joyful memories. As well, if one of the days of the wedding gets some rain, it is not ruined and you can still be happy for many good days. 

Lake Como has its microclimatic system, even in the North Of Italy, it has a humid Mediterranean climate, which is pleasant and amazing for plants and flowers growing most of the year. But it can as well mean sometimes unexpected rains. Knowing this, get ready to enjoy this location at its best! Planning a wedding as a combination of indoor and outdoor can be recommended here. 

As we are in Italy, we should not forget to mention the production of luxurious wine that can be purchased and offered there. One nice curiosity and RVV´s special treat – wine cellars are as well at disposal, one of them can turn into dance-floor as well!

View of Lake Como during a taxi boat ride.

One of the other reasons to stay at Villa Vittoria is its relatively short distance to the airports of Milano (Italy) and Lugano (Switzerland). It is recommended to take a private taxi / transfer or to ask Villa for a help with organizing of your transport if you are not coming with your car. Like this, you can reach villa up to 1,5 h without inconveniences. Note, that even location is full of famous spots to visit, its transport system is not developed and we don´t want to prepare for you unneeded surprises. 

Another type of transport? Why not jump to one of the ferries or private water taxis? You can get to know one of the petite towns on Lake Como, do some sightseeing and enjoy the company of your friends and family while tasting local goods and having lifetime fun!

Having me as a photographer, I can help you to get in touch with local service- providers and to suggest the most beautiful locations to get your photos. Before the wedding, during the wedding, to capture you finishing your wedding celebration days. It is up to you, which part you would like to have captured by me and as well, as your local photographer who wants to make sure you will have the best moments captured. My interest is always happy wedding attendants, enjoyable and smooth process of photography and to know you are comfortable. 

Sounds tempting? Have a look at one wedding celebration in there and don´t forget to read as well first – hand opinions on this boutique hotel.


Day One: welcome dinner, August 2nd

First meet with guests at the relais and dinner in a small restaurant close to the harbour.

Day Two: Relais Villa Vittoria, wedding day, August 3rd

Their Big Day at the villa.

Relais Villa Vittoria, first look in the main hall.

Day Three: discovering Lake Como. August 4th

Half day boat ride with brunch. A memorable experience in the most beautiful Italian lake.

Lake Como, on a boat.

Day Four: couple photoshoot, August 6th

Their duet in the old city of Como and Villa Olmo, the place where they first met.

Villa Olmo, wedding portrait photosession.

Interview with Kelsey Doren Roth, who celebrated her wedding in Relais Villa Vittoria, Laglio

How about asking someone directly engaged in a run of Relais Villa Vittoria? Here we go!

→ Can you tell us something about you, Kelsey?
I’m an attorney who lives in Louisville, Kentucky with my husband, Joe. I’m originally from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Joe and I met while attending law school in North Carolina. In my free time, I enjoy reading and watching basketball games.

→ Many people from the USA working in fashion and lifestyle choose some European countries to get some inspiration or to travel here. You found Italy. So why Italy, and why Lake Como?
Joe and I had dreamed of visiting Italy since we first started dating. When we got engaged, we started to plan a traditional wedding. However, we finally chose to elope in Lake Como because of its breathtaking beauty. We both love being near water, and there is no place more serene than Lake Como.

→ That is true! Were there other locations you were considering as your wedding destination?
When we were deciding where to elope, we briefly considered Positano, Southern Italy, but as soon as we saw pictures of Lake Como we just knew that was where we had to exchange vows. Then we started to research also local providers to make it all happen, we found also Relais Villa Vittoria.

→ Why did you choose Relais Villa Vittoria to celebrate your wedding?
Our wonderful photographer, Luca, had recommended Relais Villa Vittoria to us from the very beginning. When we looked it up online, we immediately fell in love with everything the hotel had to offer. Its location, the spectacular grounds, the private gazebo for dinner, the gorgeous rooms and beautiful decor, everything about the hotel was perfect and everything we were looking for in a wedding day hotel.
Just as we had envisioned, our time spent at Relais Villa Vittoria was the most incredible of our trip. The hotel was phenomenal and we had the most breathtaking views from our balcony overlooking the lake. Everyone was so accommodating, helpful, and kind. We can’t wait to visit again for a future anniversary.

→ Hearing about your positive experience, which is your most important suggestion for those to get married on Lake Como?
I would recommend renting a private boat for the day. There is nothing more romantic than touring the lake with your new spouse by your side on a private cruise with a glass of Prosecco in hand. We will always cherish our time spent on the lake after our vows, admiring the landscape and architecture of the towns from the water.

→ You have also visited another important villa on Lake Como to exchange vows. Why did you choose Villa del Balbianello? 
When we were looking to get married in Lake Como, one of the important destinations that came to mind was Villa del Balbianello. It’s a stunning location and grounds that are incomparable to any wedding venue I’ve ever seen. Plus, when you have the opportunity to get married on the same balcony where the wedding scene in Star Wars takes place, you can’t pass up that opportunity.

→ As an integral part of your wedding celebration, you have hired Luca Rajna as your photographer. How could you describe your wedding photo service and the images you got from our team?
I cannot recommend Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici enough. We would have been completely lost without Luca. When we decided to get married in Lake Como, we had no idea how to start planning the day. Neither of us had visited before and there are so many potential places to stay and exchange vows. Luckily, Luca went above and beyond, generously taking on the role of photographer and, at times, planner. 
We couldn’t be more grateful. He made wonderful suggestions on how to spend the day and put our minds at ease. When we finally met in person, he was the kindest person with such a warm and relaxing disposition. 

→ How was „feeling“ while being photographed? 
We were so comfortable shooting photographs with him and he took us to so many beautiful locations, just as showing us his home. He even graciously spent additional time with us when we were running a bit behind schedule. We would not have had such an incredible and memorable elopement if it hadn’t been for Luca.

Thank you so much, Kelsey, for your kind words. We hope that your memories of Lake Como still last and maybe, ci vediamo, again!

From Kelsey’s elopement wedding:

Wedding portrait session in the main hall of the Relais Villa Vittoria.

Interview with Laura Radrizzani, member of the family owning Relais Villa Vittoria, Laglio

Thank you so much, Laura for your time to respond about Villa Vittoria, Lake Como and to give us some valuable info!

→ Can you tell us something about the quality of RVV, that is a bit hidden?
The Relais Villa Vittoria is a pearl of elegance and charm, it is historical, ancient and unique. During the second half of the nineteenth century, its mulberry garden was used for the breeding of silkworms, a precious material to create the unique creations that have made the area of Como so famous throughout the world.

→  Many buildings around Lake Como served to different matters as today. We can see, it is as well a case of RVV.
Yes, it is true. In the past, The Villa was then used as a summer residence for a Milanese family and today it is transformed into a hotel while maintaining the charm of the past. In the past, breeding silk, today, breeding love- stories to continue.

What are the top qualities of The Villa in your opinion?
It is for sure elegance, exclusivity, the Villa´s the romantic spots, views from its valleys, history, and tradition are the main aspects.
From the practical least but not last easy connection with all airports, which is essential while hosting many international guests. We have a strategic position considering as well towns on Lake Como – Como, Lenno, Bellagio with most of the historical villas and famous Villa Balbianello or Villa Melzi nearby.
Regarding special events we use to host here, we have here the possibility of carrying out the ceremony ( as well the civil one) right on the location. 

The Villa is a place filled with charm, but is it possible to have there as well good fun during the wedding celebration?
Of course!  There is the possibility of having a small private disco in two typical and original Lario grottoes that are in the Villa’s basement. – It is one of the few villas that offer a chance even for small groups to have an exclusive place just for them. 

Is there something you would always recommend to guests in RVV?
I do, I usually recommend our guests to use their time to enjoy the beauty but also special places of Lake Como. It is recommended to be guided here by professionals in the area, who would take guests to important spots and will show them the best of it. It is a must to see the lake from water, therefore at least a little or a day tour on the boat is a great thing to do. You can see like these magnificent corners of the lake, and you can never see them from „land“.

How much time should be considered to explore the lake?
If you want to visit only one place, village or villa, you can agree with your local photographer or captain of the boat. If you would like to explore a few spots or to be led by a photographer or captain, it can take longer. In my opinion, absolutely minimum to comfortably see the most beautiful things is two hours. For complete excursions or more deep experiences, it takes from three hours until one day. So whether you will have a couple of hours or the whole day to see it from the morning until dawn, it is always spectacular.

Relais Villa Vittoria, the bride and groom in the main hall.

Lake Como: a fairy tale which started a thousand years ago.

Along the Roman street to a medieval pilgrims hospital

The central part of the lake offers incredible spots.
You can even have your photo shooting session in an ancient village founded by the Celts, along the original Roman street built by Julius Caesar.
Local photographers know where to take the best pictures.

Photoshoot with a local photographer on Lake Como.
Photoshoot on Lake Como with a local photographer.



Take note please! A proposal photographers’ most used way to take images certainly consists in identifying a good location where they can wait without getting noticed.
This should allows the photographer to be ready and to take the best candid frames possible.
After the proposal, the photographer shoots some other images, just as any other “conventional” photoshoot. Unfortunately, what usually happens is that:

Her makeup and/or her dress are not at their best, as she is not prepared for a photoshoot.
– During the proposal, the frame is likely not to be the best, since, of course, the photographer cannot lead the situation positioning the couple in the right place.
Unwanted objects are in the frame, or, even people walking or looking at the event in the background. It happens very often.
– She will bow her head, her hair may cover the expression on her face.
– The girl cries. The photoshoot following the proposal is taken with her eye makeup wasted and her nose a little bit red.

Not a very high standard of the art, right?
The good news is that there is a much better way to do all of this, but… I cannot be more explicit about my own method here, it’s just for my clients!

Villa Vittoria: the proposal at the gazebo.

Getting ready with bridal portraits

The bride’s getting ready is a relevant part of the wedding day that you are going to live, it takes hours, spent in a very particular emotional, intimate and enjoyable condition.
From a photographic point of view: the occasion to take different images from the rest of your Big Day.
In the bigger image you can see a bridal portrait setting taken just after her first look in the adjacent villa. Yes, you can even ask to the Relais Villa Vittoria owners a second villa for these kind of intimate events who requires to be lived far from the guests’ view. 

First look portrait.


Outdoor wedding ceremonies at Villa Vittoria. Lake Como is fully surrounded by mountains so every single venue has a different time before the sun fades away. It is essential to plan the right timing. Once booked, my knowledge and experience about light and time are at your disposal.

Relais Villa Vittoria: wedding ceremony.


In the bigger image: an elopement wedding ceremony in the main hall during a fall rainy day. Very romantic.
In the sequence of four: a wedding ceremony held in the Veranda. A lake-view quality plan B for the cold season.
These backup options are almost unique for a villa on Lake Como.

Relais Villa Vittoria: wedding celebration in the main hall.


Villa Vittoria is a must place for elopements and intimate weddings. There isn’t anything similar around Lake Como. Don’t miss it!

Relais Villa Vittoria: overview on the gazebo during a wedding.


Lake Como is also the Lake Region of Naboo, one of the fictional planets in the Star Wars universe. In the main image you can easily recognize the famous balcony where the the wedding of Anakin and Padme took place.

With my planned itineraries we can reach both secret ancient spots and famous villas.
My couple got married at Villa Vittoria (you can see two frames form their celebration in the Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies section of this post), then we visited an ancient village with the help of a local tourist guide.
After this we had a taxi boat ride including the couple photoshoot at Villa del Balbianello, the Star Wars villa.

The bride and groom at the Star Wars balcony, Lake Como, Villa del Balbianello.

For all the Star Wars fans, the wedding scene from the Episode II – Attack of the Clones (2002):

Play Video


The "wrong" won't even allow you to take pictures

Please read carefully, I am not referring to a “challenge”: it could become a real “problem”.
A boat with the passenger seat just behind that of the captain doesn’t make it possible to take both the subjects and the backdrop together.
Another problem is any kind of barriers between the forward driving position and the passenger seat area, such as roofs, awnings, glasses or cabins.
Also, the right boat is without barriers behind the passengers.
Ignoring these factors could also mean the failure of our photoshoot on the boat.

And it’s not only a design issue, but we will also need to meet with a collaborative captain. We will be on board to get the best and not to save on fuel.

The image below shows the right outcome (… and you can also see how a fine colour contrast works).
The picture is taken away from the couple and the view is free, with a wide landscape in the background.
Our photoshoot on the boat must be a creative and emotional documentation of the relationship between you and the beautiful environment all around, it’s not a portrait session taken in an undefined space.

The best wooden taxi boat for taking a photoshoot on Lake Como.

Not collaborative taxi boat companies can create serious problems during a photoshoot

Going around the lake with a not collaborative captain can seriously compromise the quality of the photoshoot, making the storytelling a nonsense.
Once booked the photoshoot you will get a link with the instructions about photography which include the list of the not welcomed companies.
As I love my work, always trying to be a conscientious professional, I will be obliged  to cancel your booking in case you are going to hire one of these companies (you will get a full refund of course).


We cannot forget to mention Villa l’Oleandra (also known as Villa Oleandra). It is located in Laglio, not so far from the Relais Villa Vittoria.
If you are a fan of George Colooney, this is the pefect occasion to see his villa since it cannot be seen from ashore due to its architectonical and botanical barriers.
How to reach it? We can simply add this venue to our taxi boat itinerary.

The bride and groom going back to Villa Vittoria after visiting Villa l'Oleandra, George Clooney's villa.


Well framed, balanced candid images are the central pillar in a wedding storytelling: the classic wedding photojournalism is an evergreen style!

Wedding recption by night on the veranda.


In the main image… yes! It’s me, or better the two of us, me and my wife Maria Rosa. We had our 25th wedding anniversary in 2021!
The Relais Villa Vittoria offers different corners for romantic candlelight dinners and plan B, also during the cold season.
These lakeview enchanted spots are perfect for every kind of intimate occasions, such as anniversaries, marriage proposals, intimate weddings, renewal of vows and so on. 

Luca Rajna celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary at Villa Vittoria.


And… here it is where my jacket comes from: Larry!
He is the designer. He got married at Villa Vittoria and he was fascinated by my art, we are still in touch!

The groom posing for the photographer before the ceremony.


The blue hour and the evening are precious moments for images with a very particular different light.
But low light requires significant technical skill instead of easy-solution flashes and spotlights.
You are booking the photographers to report how you experienced your Big Day, not to create a never existed, artificial atmosphere.
All of my images are exclusively taken in available light, without adding any. This is the only unique way to guarantee, with an artistic point of view, the correct and quality documentation of your time spent at the venue.

Relais Villa Vittoria: panoramic view of the pool area during a wedding reception.


Yes, it ‘s Larry again!
Dances are allowed at Villa Vittoria, as the “disco” and its dedicated bar area are in the wine cellars area which is partially carved into the rock, according to the local tradition.

Relais Villa Vittoria: the discoteque.

Relais Villa Vittoria Lake Como: photogallery

From my work as official photographer

Would you like to see more about Relais Villa Vittoria? As the official photographer of the villa, I also took all the architectural images for its website, socials and advertisings.

Follow the link: Relais Villa Vittoria Lake Como: complete photogallery

Relais Villa Vittoria: the gazebo.


List of services only available to guests and by booking through the villa.

Narrative photography couple or family photoshoot (recommended option, best quality) € 1470,oo
Emotional narrative sequence of 200 or more edited and post-produced images
We will scout some “secret” (even for my colleagues) and stunning spots spending the day together
Photos delivered straight to your email within ten days after your session

Narrative photography couple or family photoshoot (recommended option, best quality) € 870,oo
Emotional narrative sequence of 120 or more edited and post-produced images
We will scout some “secret” (even for my colleagues) and stunning spots spending an half of the day together
Photos delivered straight to your email within ten days after your session

One hour photosession for couples and families € 330,oo
20 high-resolution edited and post-produced images
Photos delivered straight to your email within 48 hours after your session 

Two hours photosession for couples and families € 430,oo
30 high-resolution edited and post-produced images
Photos delivered straight to your email within 48 hours after your session 

Proposals € 460,oo

Up to one hour photoshoot from the time appointed, storytelling composed by 40 edited and post-produced images
Extra images by your request: €15.00 each
Photos delivered straight to your email within 48 hours after your session 

Intimate weddings (up to twelve guests) € 1770,oo
Up to ten hours of continuative storytelling photoshoot, a minimum of 300 edited and post-produced images
Extra hours by request: € 200 each

Small weddings (up to thirty guests) € 2370,oo
Up to ten hours of continuative storytelling photoshoot, a minimum of 300 edited and post-produced images
Extra hours by request: € 200 each

Weddings with over thirty guests € 2870,oo
Up to ten hours of continuative storytelling photoshoot, a minimum of 400 edited and post-produced images
Two photographers
Extra hours by request: € 300 each

Weddings and photoshoot options (pricelist for direct bookings and through an event planner)

Elopement (the two of you) € 1570,oo – Best option
Emotional narrative sequence of 200 or more edited and post-produced images
We will scout some “secret” (even for my colleagues) and stunning spots spending the day together
Photos delivered straight to your email within a week after your session

Elopement (the two of you) € 970,oo
Up to five hours of continuous service
120 or more edited and post-produced images
Photos delivered straight to your email within a week after your session

You and the witnesses € 1770,oo
A narrative sequence of 200 or more edited and post-produced images
We will scout some “secret” (even for my colleagues) and stunning spots spending the day together
Photos delivered straight to your email within a week after your session

Intimate weddings (up to twelve guests) € 1870,oo
Up to ten hours of continuative storytelling photoshoot, a minimum of 300 edited and post-produced images
Extra hours by request: € 200 each

Small weddings (up to thirty guests) € 2470,oo
Up to ten hours of continuative storytelling photoshoot, a minimum of 300 edited and post-produced images
Extra hours by request: € 200 each

Weddings with over thirty guests € 2970,oo
Up to ten hours of continuative storytelling photoshoot, a minimum of 400 edited and post-produced images
Two photographers
Extra hours by request: € 300 each