Photographs and prints by Luca Rajna
(1993 – 1995)

› San Carlo Borromeo award, Lombardy Region (Italy) for young emerging photographers, 1995.

› Poesia della Terza Età [Poetry of the Third Age] award – Dicastery of Culture of the Republic of San Marino.

I started this work in view of my graduation in photography at the “CFP Riccardo Bauer” in Milan (1994).
Three teachers worked with me on this project. They are historical names of the italian photography now: Maurizio Buscarino (mastering the portrait and reportage class), Gianfranco Mazzocchi (mastering the darkroom class), Roberta Valtorta (mastering the language and history of photography class).
My way of shooting was plain: I would wait, seizing the moment without interfering with the subject.
As it’s in my taste I got the whimsicality and the flair applying some particular shooting and printing techniques.
I smile every time I find a digital editing program which emulates the analogical darkroom, as I lived the analogue era: film edges showed in the frame, transparent tape applied both to the window of the camera and the one of the enlarger, sepia toning, texture overlays…

White Sposa magazine. Article about Luca Rajna and this work.

Page from White Sposa magazine


During those years my preferred lens was the poetical Zeiss Planar 50mm f 1,4: its touching bokeh always gives a first class extra value.
My preferred film was the Ilford Pan F (it became “Puls” during the period of this work), 50 ASA.
For close up portraits I used the lens Zeiss Planar 85mm f 1,4.
Some soft focus images were shot using the Sima 100mm f2 lens.
The wedding portrait has been edited by photographing it through a bell jar.
All my black and white work was manually printed by myself in my darkroom, on matte gelatin silver fiber paper.
The sickly smell of potassium ferrocyanide that I used for the final fixing and toning deserves a special mention (now given with affection).
My maternal grandfather traveled the world as a young sailor.
Later he became a policeman, working mostly in the Harbour Police Station of Genoa.
His wedding photo is from 1935.
Some photos shows my grandfather in the company of a girl. She is my wife now.


My Maternal Grandfather Writes His memories:

Scans form gelatin silver fiber paper printsil_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_10102_nonno_materno_memorie 25_nonno_materno_memorie 50_nonno_materno_memorie il_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_10580_nonno_materno_memorie il_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_108100_nonno_materno_memorie 120_nonno_materno_memorie 130_nonno_materno_memorie il_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_104il_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_102210_nonno_materno_memorie 238_nonno_materno_memorie 240_nonno_materno_memorie 250_nonno_materno_memorie il_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_103300_nonno_materno_memorie 360_nonno_materno_memorie 380_nonno_materno_memorie 390_nonno_materno_memorie 440_nonno_materno_memorie 450_nonno_materno_memorie 460_nonno_materno_memorie 470_nonno_materno_memorie 480_nonno_materno_memorie 490_nonno_materno_memorie 500_ 600_ 730_nonno_materno_memorie 740_nonno_materno_memorie 750_nonno_materno_memorie 760_nonno_materno_memorie 770_nonno_materno_memorie 790_nonno_materno_memorie 800_nonno_materno_memorie 810_nonno_materno_memorie 820_nonno_materno_memorie 830_nonno_materno_memorie 840_nonno_materno_memorie 850_nonno_materno_memorie 860_nonno_materno_memorie 870_nonno_materno_memorie il_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_107il_mio_nonno_materno_rajna_109935_nonno_materno_memorie 940_nonno_materno_memorie 950_nonno_materno_memorie



Polacrome film slides
nonno_materno_memorie_00 nonno_materno_memorie_02 nonno_materno_memorie_03 nonno_materno_memorie_01 nonno_materno_memorie_04 nonno_materno_memorie_07 nonno_materno_memorie_08 nonno_materno_memorie_05 nonno_materno_memorie_09 nonno_materno_memorie_06 nonno_materno_memorie_13 nonno_materno_memorie_12 nonno_materno_memorie_11 nonno_materno_memorie_10 nonno_materno_memorie_14 nonno_materno_memorie_16 nonno_materno_memorie_15 nonno_materno_memorie_19 nonno_materno_memorie_20 nonno_materno_memorie_21 nonno_materno_memorie_22 nonno_materno_memorie_23