7 Plants to Help Honey Production | Blain's Farm & Fleet Blog This is our first year of beekeeping and it was so exciting to bring the bees home and watch them enjoy the field of dandelions. I don’t know the name. Great article and great pictures! I thought it was some extremely rare flower, while my husband thought it was just another weed – so he mowed it all down! Typical bloom time for these nectar-producing plants is from June to October. Do you still want this book? My favorite right now is borage. I need your address. Susie, Your email address will not be published. Many nurseries sell starter plants that have been pre-treated with neonicotinoid pesticides. Acreage increased in the US with commercial interest in the production of sunflower oil. Helen Hickey Sustainable Okie Beekeeper. Sunflower Technology and Production, (The American Society of Agronomy No. David, you won the contest. Try making a bee drinking fountain! My favorite is just letting my basil flower. We received two transplants from a close friend and they grew really well. Reseeds profusely with new season’s plants sprouting in December or January. We have been growing different kinds of sunflowers and bees and birds love them. So beautiful! To get started, check out a great new book that’s hot off. You can also help the bees by planting bee friendly plants. I am interested in beekeeping in Canada. I am getting ready to re-do my backyard into a food producing garden and will be sure to plant a lot of flowers to attract the bees and give me joy! Evidence shows sunflower pollen may be help reduce pathogens in bees. It is designed to be informative and fun, but also to remind readers that pollinators throughout the world are endangered. I am living in Spain and I plant in my garden friendly flowers as : Thyme, Rosemary, lavender and I buy local honey in http://www.aceitecsb.es. The Russian Orthodox Church increased its popularity by forbidding most oil foods from being consumed during Lent. This hearty herb will buzz with bees 365 days out of the year in the Southern California climate. I think it’s beautiful in its own right (the large yellow, pollen filled centers are amazing! We have some planted for them. My yard is full of Little John bottlebrush that is always covered with bees! Hey! We’re giving away five copies! An all star of bee-friendly plants. What a great book! Sunflowers are good for many types of pollinators. I can’t wait to read it! I just noticed my bees enjoying my orange blossom bush! This mortality effect was not observed in bumble bees. There can be so many of them and each one seems to have a bee on it. The bees have had been on them from mid morning to sunset year-round. WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE MY YARD MORE BEE FRIENDLY? Planting fields of buckwheat and sunflowers for the bees. Also valuable are my winter and Bush Honeysuckles, Japanese Sophora, Soapberry, Black Locust, Persimmon, blackberries/raspberries, and of course all flowering HERBS and MINTS are highly valued for medicinal value by from that point i was hooked. I intend to plant a bee flower garden to benefit my bees and especially any native bees & insects in my area. I LOVE them for their long blooming times, beautiful purples and pinks, and the smell is marvelous. My favorite flowers to watch the bees are the allsym and petunias. Therefore, by planting the clovers as well, this will help to fill the gap. Hi my name is Vickie and I’m from Colorado Springs, CO. I would love a copy of the book. Russian sage is one of the most popular bee plants I’ve notice (with the bees and people) plus in Utah it blooms until October. My thyme plants are covered with the honeybees while in bloom. Are all sunflowers equally good for bees? the bush seemed to really enjoy the bees and I’m sure the honey was divine as the scent of the flowers causes a fantastic euphoria. I’m such a fan of sunflowers! The plant and the seeds were widely used in ceremonies. Sunflowers are easy to grow and make an audacious addition to the garden. Do you still want this book? always looking for help on this new venture, love what you’re doing with the blog. During that time, two specific types had been identified: oil-type for oil production and a large variety for direct human consumption. These flowers are in Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador . There are references of squeezing the oil from the seed and using the oil in making bread. I have seen as many as twenty honey bees on a single flower. Acreage spread into Minnesota and North Dakota. Plus, they are generous re-seeders!Â, Catnip/Catmint, Nepeta mussinii; Nepeta grandiflora; Nepeta cataria, Of course, this list is the tip of the iceberg. Cosmos are my favorite so far- super easy to grow from seed and maintain in my San Diego environment (the less water used the better!) I have catmint and salvia in my front and side yard. Bees like this area too! Thrilled to learn that they love catnip. In the yard, I still like the different varieties of lavender. My favorite bee flowers in my garden are russian sage and zinnias. The bees also like red apple and pink rosea ice plant. Those trained bees also brought more sunflower pollen back to the hive. We planted 5 varieties of sunflower this year totaling in 16,000 seeds: Giant Primrose (yellow with dark brown center), Velvet Queen (rust), Irish Eyes (a short variety, bright yellow with a yellow-green center), Lemon Queen (pale yellow with a dark brown center) and a few Mammoth sizes for seeds and fun! The pesticide most likely responsible for our pollinator collapse. More farmers are planting sunflowers to harvest and sell in my area. I work as a professional gardener and focus on building environments. Hi, you won! Geranium maderense (Cranesbill Geranium) — Great for part or full shade locations, very drought tolerant and requires no care whatsoever. I just moved to a place with a huge open space field across the street and I hope my new bees can take advantage of the naturally growing species. I love to watch the bees when it’s blooming! So, what flowers are best for bees? I have charted dramatically increased yields of all types of fruit after the inclusion of an A.B.B. The bees' training led them to visit sunflowers more. I plant lots of African blue basil, especially among trees in fruit orchards. Thank you for doing it for the bees, I am also trying to get a lavender garden started this year hoping my bees and their honey take on their flavor! Becky, The California Poppy is my favorite because I grew up there and it reminds me of my Mom. You can literally help save the bees when you purchase a jar of Epic Honey. The basic plant breeding material utilized came from Mennonite (immigrants from Russia) gardens. It can be difficult to get established, but once you do, it will really take off and spread well beyond it’s original planting location. This will be in the future to plant so both bees and my cats will be content! In rural San Diego, Rosemary is hardy and I always see many bees buzzing around it. Wingstem. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a025aa573d24840b659f8f66bab8374e" );document.getElementById("a887a1ec52").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Catalpa tree is not a reliable source of nectar, but when the elements and timing are just right it makes a magnificent show of white blossoms. My favorite bee flower is the Danelion because right now they are everywhere. We are planting Poppies for them. The best fall flowers for bees will either have a lot of sugary nectars or protein-rich pollen that the honey bees value for extra energy. In fact, the best way to help bees is to plant flowers! Great article! Of course, this list is the tip of the iceberg. Here on Vancouver Island, the maple and chestnut trees offer an early bonus for the honeybees . p.s. Christine Brown This exotic North American plant was taken to Europe by Spanish explorers some time around 1500. Bees with pollen on their legs, a few came to the sunflowers in our garden, in search for food like nectar or pollen. There are even some types of plants that repel bees because they do not need insects … To enter, leave a comment on this post about your favorite bee flower right now. This book would be a wonderful tool for me foncevi love flowers, gardens g and have this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in saving the bees and sharing the importance of a Bee garden! I love dandelions! Still, there are many pollen-rich varieties available. We’re growing it for the first time this year, and are eager to see the blooms and watch how the bees feast! I’ve been interspersing them with my vegetables and they have been very effective at controlling aphids, whitefly and mealybug which otherwise were devastating my garden. Rivaled only by African Blue Basil for drawing the most bees, this will be a popular plant in your garden and will provide some much needed summer blooms.Â. A sister plant to the more recognized sunflower, the Maximilian sunflower finds its peak in the fall season making it our third runner-up for cooler colored blooms. So, be sure to plant your peppermint on the other side of the garden from your flowers. The plant was initially used as an ornamental, but by 1769 literature mentions sunflower cultivated by oil production. My name is Hilary Kearney. Despite its dismissal as a weed, Dandelions provide crucial for bees because they are one of the first pollen-rich blooms to emerge in spring. Lots of beautiful garden flowers provide both in high quantities. I am not sure if they collect pollen as well as nectar or just pollen. I’m a beekeeper in East Tennessee, which is Zone 7A-7B. The other one I’ve grown that they love is borage. I’m really enjoying learning and I’m very thankful to have these resources near by! I’m from San Diego and definitely interested in getting more butterflies and bees in my yard. The plant became widespread throughout present-day Western Europe mainly as an ornamental, but some medicinal uses were developed. Another cation you should take is where you source your flowers from. We have recently bought several acres and I am itching to get moved out there and have my own bee flower garden with a hive, my grand mother used to have a lilac bush and it was always covered with bees and butterfly’s so that will be the first thing I plant! The reference for this summary was taken from: Albert A. Schneiter, ed. Bees in my yard are loving the rosemary, thyme, and nasturtium which are all super easy to grow. There are sunflower hybrids with no pollen and little nectar to offer which makes them virtually useless to the bees. Granted, you have to wait 2 years for your first bloom but it’s worth the wait and the plant is a vigorous reseeder and soon you will have a number of them in different stages of growth so there are flowers every summer. Lemon Queen is a branching sunflower that will produce many blooms on a single stock. I let some Mizuna go to flower and it’s the star of the show at the moment. Stay tuned for a more in depth article on this subject. Newbie in NE OK. I’m trying sainfoin in bare spots around the area. I would love to plant some medicinal trees and the first on the list is linden this tree buzzes when in bloom! It has the largest flower of any poppy and when it blooms, it is an absolute feast for the bees. My favorite bee plant is Rocky Mountain Bee Plant. I emailed you a few days ago, but did not hear back! My fav bee flower is a sunflower, so cheerful in the Midwest after our long winters. I often tell people that they don’t have to become a beekeeper to help the bees. and they are free! No chemicals used around our acreages and (right now)21 hives!. Lemon Queen Sunflower is an open pollinated sunflower that will produce seed that can be planted the following year. It seems to attract not only a multitude of honey bees but bumble bees as well and it is oh so pretty to look at. The oil of the seed was used on the skin and hair. Non-food uses include purple dye for textiles, body painting and other decorations. I often wonder why I don’t see more of this iconic California state flower in gardens. As they traverse across the sunflower bees transfer pollen from florets with pollen baring anthers to florets baring open stigmatic structures ready to pick up pollen. I bet the spray kills bees, too. Also added later( after sprouting seeds)are the May-June Golden Raintree and one blooms in JULY already. However, three weeks ago, our Iceland Poppies started to bloomed and the bees have shifted their focus to these flowers. However, sunflower was not on the prohibited list and therefore gained in immediate popularity as a food. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. for every two trees. I like dandelions,! Honey bees often forage on just one type of flower per foraging trip. Them and the dandelions are the most prevalent flowers that I’ve seen blooming around Wyoming in-between storms. I’m from Maryland & absolutely love Bee Balm, which is not only bee friendly but also native to my state. They love Lavender but I have horrible luck growing it . I know they are nothing striking to look at, but I love watching the bees work them! I love bee balm! My yard is full of rhododendron bushes, and I’ve read that it’s not good for bees. My son is also a bee keeper. Sunflower was a common crop among American Indian tribes throughout North America. One from a swarm and the other I ordered. Jonathan Giacomini, a Ph.D. student in applied ecology at NC State and corresponding author of a paper … I allow it to grow and spread all over my yard, and see it everywhere around me in our neighborhoods too. White sage (salvia apiana) and bottle brush tree as well. Bee-effective and plant Good Bee Food, for you and your honey bees. Advertisement There are lots of flowers to grow to attract honeybees, but worker bees show a preference for flowers that give them the highest pollen and nectar rewards. Kicking off the honeybee hotlist is the popular … And some varieties produce little or none. It grows like wildfire and has TONS of flowers that the bees just LOVE! The field covers about a ¼ acre with plans to expand next year. I started some seedlings of it to plant more throughout the yard, and they are tougher than they look, thankfully. The aster is one of the most common wildflowers ranging in color from white and pink to light and dark purple. Choose one for each blooming period and you’ll have great bee blooms throughout the growing season! Bees are creatures of efficiency so, they love large grouping of flowers. After interacting with a wild bee on a male flower (n = 53), 20% of honey bees moved to a female sunflower, whereas only 7% switched after interacting with another honey bee (n = 64).Thus, honey bees were nearly three times more likely to move from a male to a female sunflower after interacting with a wild bee rather than another honey bee (Fisher’s exact test, P = 0.008). The best honey bee plants provide a good supply of both sugary nectar and protein-rich pollen sought after by these and other long-tongued bees. Thanks for all of your great information and posts! They differ in height from 6 inches to 4 feet and can be fairly bushy. It’s also an edible flower that’s great for dressing up salads and cheese plates. I especially love cosmos because it is beneficial and small enough to go into my raised vegetable beds. If anyone’s interested in what they look like or getting some seeds, I got mine from here and they’re doing great: http://www.seedaholic.com/verbascum-blattaria-white-blush.html. I like bluebonnet because it grows well in the caliche that limits productive varietals. It blooms late and the bees cover it. The Aster family has more than 100 different species. It is a perfect addition to any gardener’s reference collection! However, like all perennials, their blooming period lasts only a few weeks. Thanks! Bees love artichoke flowers. Also the Black Locust tree blossoms! I always get lots of bees on this unusual-looking plant. We recommend you plant a variety of natives that bloom at different times of year. The United States Department of Agriculture defines hardiness zones based upon the average minimum temperatures in each area. It’s grown easily from cuttings and works great as a stand alone bush or as a border. So worth it! Do you ever get cabin fever during the winter? Although they may seem small and insignificant, pollinators are vital to anyone who eats. By the early 19th century, Russian farmers were growing over 2 million acres of sunflower. The first commercial use of the sunflower crop in the US was silage feed for poultry. They’re my favorite bee flower because they grow themselves, they come up fairly early are grow prolifically, they bloom in our yard, the neighbor’s yard, and everyone’s yard. The book itself has over 200 pages of easy-to-read information on garden design, plant physiology, and bee-friendly growing practices, with a great index and plenty of illustrative and inspiring photos. For more information on the Corona virus please see: https://www.sunflowernsa.com/all-about/history/, Joining the Hive – The African Pride Arabella Hotel & Spa. California Poppy, Eschscholzia californica. I just planted some cosmo seeds 🙂 I like them cause they bloom later for quiet a while and if the kids pick them it doesnt seem to matter. It will be buzzing with honey bees and other pollinators. Let us know why you like it, whether you’re growing it yourself, seeing it bloom in a neighbor’s yard, or just aspire to plant the seed in the future. For some reason, bees are not as attractive to red sunflowers as they are to yellow or orange ones, so keep this in mind when making a selection. Based in Riverside, just up the road from San Diego. By 1716, an English patent was granted for squeezing oil from sunflower seed. Love your Instagram!! No, they are not. thanks. This particular seed name was still being offered in the US in 1970, nearly 100 years later. Some plants I have had very good results with and my bees really like is Yellow Sweet Clover (Hubam Clover), wild black berries (very easy to plant & spread, and Chinese Chestnut. I am hoping I will be able to include a copy of your book as an after Mother’s Day surprise. I planted 7 Russian sage plants in my backyard last fall and I can’t wait for them to explode in the years to come. This book covers everything you need to know to garden for bees, no matter your locale, and you couldn’t ask for a better team of authors: Kate Frey is an award-winning garden designer, who specializes in sustainable gardens, and Gretchen LeBuhn, a San Francisco State biology professor, is a bonafide bee expert, who has written two other books about pollinators. Be sure that you plant peppermint away from flowers you hope will attract bees. From one seed, a Lemon Queen can produce as many as twenty flowers! Very nice Article 🙂 Keep up the good work! And best of all, the bees go crazy for it. My favorite is sunflower! Here in Hampton Roads area of Virginia, I like to plant Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum muticum for my bees and butterflies. We just started beekeeping this spring. I have herb garden in the back. Interestingly, inbreeding produces little nectar; however they are great sources of anti-oxidants for humans, good for the heart and mood too. I emailed you a few days ago, but did not hear back! By 1946, Canadian farmers built a small crushing plant. We stand by a healthy South Africa during this time. This European demand had been stimulated by Russian exports of sunflower oil in the previous decades. Abelia and Hebe were long flowering well visited favourites in my garden this year and dahlias, catmint, salvias, cornflowers and poppies also did well. A significant proportion of honey, sold to schools in Japan, is the sunflower honey! What makes this sunflower different is its tendency to branch. What’s your thoughts on this flower? I could watch them for hours. It comes back year after year. Honey bees use pollen as a protein source to raise young bees. They will bloom almost year-round in mild climates.Â. Don’t be so Stuffy. My bees seem pretty crazy about them too (and the rabbits aren’t which is a perk). Orifices plenty of nectar. Randi, you won the contest. Like us, they need a balanced diet. I recently moved to Wilmington north carolina and could use some help figuring out pollinators. Perennials that are best for attracting honeybees include clematis, geraniums, hyssop, echinacea, cosmos, dahlias, roses, hyacinth and buttercups, all of which have high pollen and nectar contents. When I was young a had a big bush in my back yard mostly visited by a feral hive that lived in a hollow eucalyptus tree near by. It is easy to grow. Last year I planted crocuses and all the local bees, along with my honeybees, went nuts over them. (manitoba Canada). Saving our bees is not just about making less toxic environments for them, but too about focusing on what we feed them. For example, pl… Some of the best flowers to plant for bees include: Agastache (AKA Licorice Mint & Anise Hyssop) An easy-to-grow perennial plant that comes back every year in full sun or partial shade. I love watching them buzzing in our raspberry patch. A likely source of this seed movement to North America may have been Russian immigrants. Pretty as well. Beeline Pollinator Mix. I took part in with my community garden in San francisco State bee study. Bees love the lavender in my front yard! Grows to about 4′ wide and 2′ tall with a pink/purple flower spike in its second year of growth which can reach 5′. The sunflowers grew to about 3 meters tall. Many native species nest in the ground and if your entire garden is mulched, they can’t dig their nests! I was unfamiliar with it at the time, but after one season, I’m hooked. Happy Bee flowering everyone! I think my bee-friendly flower other than the ones mentioned above would be thyme. My concern is that I have a pest control guy come regularly. We have small yellow gold cosmos all over our vegetable garden… ???????? However, If there is a particular flower that isn’t hardy in our zone, yet will provide pollen or nectar during the Spring and Summer, I will grow them in containers and bring them in during the Winter. U.S. exports to Europe of sunflower oil or seed for crushing is quite small.”. I’ve seen some native bees enjoying foxglove. The guy spray them as well as along the fence. There are many excellent varieties for bees, but if you want the best, go with the Lemon Queen. Sunflower was used in many ways throughout the various American Indian tribes. Aside from being the first major splash of color contrast on my Pennsylvania farm. ), but also as a consistent source of food for honey bees, native bees, and all of our local pollinators. Click here to see a list of bee-friendly natives for Southern California categorized by their bloom time! Posted on August 12, 2019 by The Bee Effect Sunflowers, Helianthus annuus, gives pollen with a medium nutritional value to honey bees, and the nectar is not good if there is a shortage of rain. Oil contents and yields were increased significantly. Yes, I think the dandelion is natures best all around blossom. And I have just changed the front and back ground cover to Kurapia from regular lawn. So TREES and large SHRUBS provide so much MORE nectar per square foot for honeybees.. We have 8 Golden Raintrees on one acre that bloom in August and September (“Pink Pod”) when it is a desert out there for the bees! Try pollinator-friendly varieties Two varieties recommended by the Royal Horticultural Society’s Perfect for Pollinators plant list are the common sunflower (Helianthus annuus) and the cucumber leaf sunflower (Helianthus debilis). I’m in San Diego and I would love to take one of your classes soon. It weakens the bees immune system and attacks their neurological system. The bees love it and I get lots of great pictures of them loaded with pollen! My kids love wandering over and eating some right by the bush! Mine plants are filled with native bees and Italian honey bees from my hive. The bees always seemed to like those at home (: I love sunflowers and am growing many other Forbes on my ground that just went into crp for prairie grass! My flowerbeds are around house and garage. The bees love it. Right next to my house, the neighbor has a big tree that bees swarm in certain seasons. Autumn Flowers for Bees For a Honey Crop. So pretty and the bees love it. I’m a new beekpeeper, and just got my first bees one week ago. Choosing the Best Sunflower Variety for Your Bee Garden. I’m at Wild Willow farm on Saturdays doing their small- scale farming program. I have both in my yard. Western Europe continues to be a large consumer of sunflower oil today, but depends on its own production. Lavendar and rock purslane! Some complain it is invasive, but I think that’s a plus!Â. It can also be absorbed by other surrounding plants. Sunflower was hybridized in the middle seventies providing additional yield and oil enhancement as well as disease resistance. My favorites are purple sage and various varieties of lavender, both are fragrant, have low water requirements and long lasting blooms here in San Diego’s east county. While Goldenrod honey has a reputation of smelling like dirty gym socks which the bees are gathering nectar – it is a good honey that some folks enjoy and bees can use for Winter food. The flowers are edible, but leave some for the masses of wild bees and butterflies it will attract. I do grow poppies, sunflowers and cosmos every year. African Blue Basil has been my favorite up until about three weeks ago. will bees make any surplus honey off of them. Almost forgot to mention American Meadows Honey Bee Feed seed mix which has turned out to be a big attractor of honey bees as well as butter flies. They grow upwards of three feet. Canada started the first official government sunflower breeding program in 1930. Some flowering trees like sugar maples are still providing nectar. Plant once and enjoy years of colorful blooms with a variety of perennial flowers. Chrysanthemum paludosum (Paludosum Daisy or Creeping Daisy) — An annual daisy which reaches 10″ tall and wide. There is always bees around it! Bee balm is a big draw in my garden too! Asters, Goldenrod and Sunflowers as Honey Plants ... Basswood is one of the best bee plants around during this time of the year. Borage is a prolific plant that will spread handily through your garden to the delight of bees everywhere! I just started two hives. I grow all those flowers in East San Diego and many more! That is 5 MONTHS of nectar covered by only GRT’s for Zone 7 Oklahoma, I include a secession of flowering plants for ALL the pollinators, and hummers also go to the GRT’s. In 1926, the Missouri Sunflower Growers’ Association participated in what is likely the first processing of sunflower seed into oil. It’s a beautiful, tall flower and easy to smell. Lately I’ve been seeing the bees in our citrus and our recently over-seeded clover lawn. Sunflowers bloom in the summer to early fall. If you want to see purple pollen pants on your bees, this plant will deliver. I am delighted to see bees on any native flower here where I live. Seed was ground or pounded into flour for cakes, mush or bread. Trees and shrubs. It comes up every year and is guaranteed to have more bees than I can count on it (hopefully a good many from my hives :). Here are our top 10 favorites organized by bloom time. V. S. Pustovoit developed a very successful breeding program at Krasnodar. I like our Sweet Autumn Clematis. Lemon Queen Sunflowers, Helianthus annuus Sunflowers are easy to grow and make an audacious addition to the garden. Cosmos are a favorite of honey bees and natives alike. “But sunflower could be a good addition to a diverse wildflower population for bees,” she added, particularly generalists like bumble bees and honey bees. Wow was it COVERED in honey bees, native bees and even huge bumblebees! By the late 19th century, Russian sunflower seed found its way into the US. I also have rosemary flowers and lavender that is often buzzing with bees all year round. Love watching them work tirelessly all day long. Its nice to know when it gets too warm for my cilantro and it starts to go to seed it can still make my bees happy. My current favorite is African Blue Basil because it smells so lovely. Best Bee for New Beekeepers: The Italian Honeybee. Which bees like your sunflower the best? Contest winners restricted to US and Canada.Â, As the sole bee in her caste, the queen bee is an illustrious member of…, Despite not being an authority on veganism in the slightest, as a beekeeper, I am…, Whether you live in an Africanized honey bee zone or not, it is important to…, Hi! I have several flowers I like for bee flowers, probably thyme is my favourite but having lots of Brazilian pepper trees comes into its own in late summer. Can you tell me what is the secret to growing Lavender ? Asters are mostly perennials and blooming times vary from early spring to late fall. Do you have s specific chemical to switch to or, company knowledgeable about these thing? Also, is a great herb for humans! I always grow tons of them in the summer. Just like other types of plants, some will produce more bee food than others. Honeydew sources are not included in this listing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This was a great post, I’ve got to get planting! Anise Hyssop (Agastache Foeniculum) Not only is anise hyssop rich in nectar, but it also blooms for … With adequate water and deadheading they will last well into the summer. These wildflowers are a member of the sunflower family. Read on to see my top ten list and a few other tips on how to help bees in your garden. It’s pollinator friendly (loved by bees, birds & butterflies), pretty unique looking & can be brewed for tea.

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