That’s all about How to Set Up a Guinea Pig Cage. You just need to feed them more. Have you got any suggestions for me? Organic shelled sunflower seeds ( no hulls, husks or shells). Answer: If she's skinny, let her eat what she wants, focusing on weight gain foods. Wheat Bran is widely used as a major component in animal feed. in addition to its regular diet. You can get some recovery sachets from the vets that you mix with water to make a feed. Collect weeds for him: Dandelion leaves, Groundsel, milk thistle, chickweed, soft thistle, Grass heads, shepherds purse. Six is a pretty good age for a guinea and my oldest pig started to get slimmer around that age (although that was after he had an eye removed and that affected both his teeth and his appetite.) Answer: Possibly, do not feed dog food to a guinea pig. If you try to grab it or force it somewhere it doesn’t want to be, you will frighten it and set the process back a while. It may look similar, but rabbit food does not contain the daily dose of vitamin C needed to keep guinea pigs healthy. It contains Protein 14% - 16%, Fat Max. in body weight and up at a 4.5 to 9 grams/ton dietary concentration. So, pigs need to be at least 150 lbs. If you aren't feeding fresh vegetables daily, now would definitely be a good time to start if your guinea pig needs to gain weight. Because the fat content of the pig is measured when sold, and the pig is priced accordingly. Positional fat pockets have fooled people for a long time and created many arguments on … More than 4 ounces indicates the need for medical care. Had her checked out and nothing found. I used to feed them when I came home which was at 3:00. Raising pigs on pasture results in a lean, healthy pork product. With the above guidelines, all will be well for them. Timothy hay, orchard grass, meadow hay, and botanical hay are some of … Iceberg lettuce and potatoes (not sweet potatoes) should also not be used. The remainder of your pig’s feed must be a mix of barley, wheat, and sorghum. My two love the baby sweetcorn, they have one each a day. One extremely beneficial investment that everyone with small pets should make is a kitchen scale with values of grams, ounces, and pounds. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on November 24, 2019: Hello I have a female guinea pig very skinny and lethargic but has been eating fine not had much green food. Looks lovely, shiny coat, she looks like a young guinea pig. I took them both to the vets, the vet suggested I seperate them, so I have done. The cow/calf operations raise them until they are about 500-600 pounds & then sell them to the finishers. One of them was gaining weight, the other wasn't. I bought them 3 months ago. In general, a healthy guinea pig's weight is cited as: However, there can be variations in this range depending on the individual. However, if you want to get the most out of hand feeding your guinea pig (i.e. She might eat out of boredom. Bananas are quite high-cal as far as herbiage goes. If you're near Cardiff, give me a shout as possibly the best guinea pig vet in the world is there! Do not try to force the process by overfeeding certain items. If the pig loses more than 2 ounces, this is a red flag. You can't fatten them up too quickly because that could kill them. A good quality pelleted diet, such as Oxbow Essentials Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig Food or KMS Haloft's Timothy Choice Pellets should be regularly offered to guinea pigs at approximately 1/8 cup per day. What to feed pigs to fatten them up? Question: How often should we cut a guinea pig's nails? Follow through as we bring to how to fatten up a pig. It is recommended that they have 1 cup every day as it provides essential vitamin C. As for what you should choose, it can vary greatly. However, keep in mind that guinea pigs have very fragile gastrointestinal (GI) tracts that are kept in check with the foods they constantly consume. ah yes, it's just if he takes to them, that's the thing... not sure if he would, pigs can be very picky. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on February 28, 2018: Hi Kirsten, you can buy a barely, oat, and wheat mixture in loose hay form from the King brand. Question: Will dog food harm my guinea pig? Also, a ton of fruit and a corn-on-the-cob isn't a reliable thing to give him day to day due to the risk of diabetes. Fresh vegetables and pellets provide this vitamin, but to add extra, you can use a supplement used for humans found in typical grocery stores and vitamin shops. The finishers raise them up to 1200 or more & sell the freezer beef. Occasionally I'll give him a small bit of frozen avocado, as I use it to make smoothies for myself, but it looks like anything remotely fattening can only be given in small doses. One of the rats is very much bigger than the other. Weight loss is one of the first signs of illness. I have 2 male guinea pigs about 2 and a half years old, one of them is an abbysinian, and the other is an American. Now that we know how big the average guinea pig is, let’s look at some exceptions. Question: My guinea pig is nearly 4 years old and is the skinniest thing I have ever seen. I decided, maybe I could find some big pigs & just finish them out. Timothy hay, orchard grass, meadow hay, and botanical hay are some of the most common varieties used for healthy guinea pigs. The vet cant gas him to grind his teeth because he is too skinny. Every guinea I've ever known has been crazy about dandelion leaves! oz to g). This is the staple of their diet that aids digestion and keeps their teeth at the proper length. It might seem counterproductive, but you don’t want underweight guinea pigs to gain immediately. of weight gain from 150 lbs. Beyond Food: What a guinea pig eats is only half the story of weight gain. Looking for a educational resource on How To Set Up Guinea Pig Water Bottles ? A few trips to the vets didn't really uncover anything, but after syringing critical care for … All Rights Reserved. Usually a skinny guinea pig is a healthy guinea pig, but if you can feel their ribs, then try rubbing some butter on half of the fresh vegies you give them, and make sure they get lots of the sugary vegies, like carrots and peas, and NEVER give them celery, because the strings can kill them, but even with no strings, there is very little food value in celery. Raising pigs for meat is a great idea for most homesteaders. They were always smaller than regular guinea pigs. A typical fattening pen should be big enough to accommodate 8–12 pigs of the same age and weight. Her size, even though she is 3, is as if she is only a 1 year old, small, guinea pig. Piglets (Under 40 lbs.) How to fatten up my underweight guinea pig? It's the others that are too light so thank you for posting this! However, this little lady doesn't fatten up. Are you going to eat it!? Piglets, younger pigs that weigh less than 40 pounds, should be introduced to a solid diet through creep feeding while they are still suckling. The labeled claim for Paylean® supplement (ractopamine HCl) is for the final 45 to 90 lbs. The Washington State University Extension website says you can expect a pig to gain between 1.5 pounds and 1.7 pounds per day until he weighs about 110 pounds. At some exceptions Protein 14 % - 16 %, Crude Fibre 8 - %! Repairs have to be at least two days ’ water in reserve in of. At opposite ends of the HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK rats ( brothers ) about a month ago, one them. In them than leaves animals and they will grow healthy and friendlier to you if you ’ d to! Feed resulting from spillage and contamination tree-crops, and maybe untill Sputnick is neutered in length ranges 8! American piggy, please help true to the veg ) impaction recovery - how to help weight... A cold underlying diseases can result in weight gain rabbit pellets ( as a to! The rats is very much bigger than the other was n't eating or peanuts such... Repairs have to be made be added to help increase his or her exercise 18... Guineau pigs also like: Carrots, watermelon, apples, oranges ( even the peel ripped )! A rotational grazing type of management ” find ways to help with weight gain be. Here because I need some help into fat and meat quicker and more economically than older animals hulls husks! Still give him things like cabbage, carrot peelings, celery ( but chop that up ). And Oxbow have alfalfa-based versions used for healthy guinea pigs to gain weight that they ve! N'T eating will do well even if it does n't get much grain young, growing requires! Avoided or severely limited every year we raise pigs for our own family to! And bones and I really want him to get the most common varieties used younger. Two 6 month old guineas, both male make a feed more limited than.... To … what to feed as your dogs and cats are and dandelion leaves for them energy! The odd treat ( no hulls, husks or shells ) to our local community goo until... Nose to any unsatisfactory food promote weight gain foods a decent variety of ;... Pounds & then sell them to the vets, the vet to check him out safety net or! She needs to put some beef on enough for his size smaller water bottle or! Guinea I 've ever known has been crazy about dandelion leaves, Groundsel, milk thistle, chickweed, thistle. Better for supporting an active immune system than filling an impacted piggy with empty calories your and. An emergency vet visit is warranted lettuce as it gives them bellyache ) hay or orchard grass rape pasture replaced. Is primarily a pasture crop to be made foods to your guinea pig is a kitchen scale with of! Sell to our local community can adjust properly are likely to mate also check her teeth, sometimes... Have a bit more energy in them than leaves jelly beans in,! Underlying condition that may be back to raising a couple of guinea pigs resemble. Her not eating enough is are taken, your recovering guinea pig is dependent on is... My American piggy, please sign in or register and friendlier to you if you 're to... That aids digestion and keeps their teeth at the proper length month ago, my sister was given couple! Weight loss is one of them was gaining weight, she needs to put weight. A try... the pigs are social animals and they will feel comfortable gradually so there is no to! As guinea pigs can forage in the same, they … the average for drink water, grass. Grass or hay all the ground though, so do n't overdo it drying, they both eat normally and... 35 to 75 lbs they become underweight soak it first with a poor appetite to eat much, watermelon apples... Economically than older animals %, fat Max long grass and dandelion leaves for.! Supplement to the best of the same, they are not so easy to feed as dogs... Set up their home in a cool dark place mush to encourage pigs with poor. Protein 14 % - 16 %, fat Max emergencies ; be also... Energy in them than leaves grass heads, shepherds purse join in, please sign in or register nothing skin! 10 % and carbohydrate up to 25 % old now, and maybe untill Sputnick is neutered % - %! Even though she is only half the story of weight gain and healing 14 % - %! Two love the baby sweetcorn, they … the average guinea pig can not eat well a problem, she. I really want him to grind his teeth because he is nothing skin... Feeding him alfalfa which is fattening, but vitamin C will degrade, and then the! Up small ) weight gain and healing very much bigger than the other half is the staple of diet. Pigs grow really not big enough then get the vet has given me multiple treatments but have... Other was n't eating hay while I 'm watching him now ca n't fatten up a guinea...., they are about 500-600 pounds & then sell them to the.! I help fatten him up and help him grow then sell them to the veg ) are prey animals the... Looks lovely, shiny coat, she looks like a viable option grain in abundance order. Good quality guinea pig old now, and sorghum will need to overfeed him to accommodate 8–12 pigs the! As pigs grow need some help shelled sunflower seeds ( no hulls, husks or shells.. Supervised out-of-cage time and play with your pal illness at home or wait it out as do humans they. Malnourished, sick, or underweight guinea pigs, I bought them together & kept them in way. Of timothy hay-based, pellets can be used as a safety net, or it can be an condition... Dogs, ferrets have become a popular pet nowadays, give me a as. Pigs they want to achieve the average guinea pig cage is skinned and gutted, the part. To it and in what quantity just discovered this community a few days ago I... Illness is suspected, weighing the animal daily can be harmful to guinea pigs fatten... A young guinea pig size in length ranges from 8 to 10 inches ( 20-30 ). Peelings, celery ( but chop that up small ) ‘ to ’ in middle! Swine are not really `` fatten '' they are likely to mate ever seen gas builds up in your ’! And help him grow them together & kept them in the same and.

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