Couple photo sessions on Lake Como and Venice

M. and M.G. met for the first time in 1975.
He was nineteen, she was fifteen.
They were married four years later, in 1979.

Now, after forty-two years we are still in love, as deeply as the first day.
Or even more!

You may ask, what is the secret to our happiness? It is to hold no secrets from the other.
We still are in love because we are made for each other. We share many interests and we don’t leave a day pass without a hug, a kiss, and telling the other “I love you!”.

This visit to Venice, with a prelude on Lake Como thanks to Luca’s precious advice, rounded out our time.
Thirty-eight years ago we discovered Venice on the occasion of our honeymoon. We returned yet another ten times, but we realized that we still didn’t know all the intimacies of this city.

Thanks to what we learned from our excellent and professional guide Claudia Zannini, an authentic Venetian and very appreciated instagramer, we finally had the opportunity to understand the soul of the city.
Venice will always be with us, thanks to both Claudia and the poetry of these wonderful images.

M. e M.G.

As you have read from the couple, you will find here two different photo sessions.
The first was taken in the historical village of Rezzonico, on Lake Como, the second in Venice.

  • The borders of the Venetian Empire were fixed close to Lake Como for centuries. The Venetian properties were extended until Vercurago, near to the Lecco branch of the lake.
  • The Della Torre family dominated Lombardy and the majority of Northern Italy for a long period between the XII and the XIV centuries, also including Milan for a time.
  • Aurelio Della Torre from Rezzonico, a Baron of the Holy Roman Empire, moved to Venice in 1640 to follow his personal commercial activites.
  • This was the birth of the Venetian branch of this family, who purchased the local noble title under which would be born also Carlo della Torre di Rezzonico, Pope Clemente XIII.

Tracing the Venetian branch of Della Torre family, this double photo shoot starts from Rezzonico, the historic village on Lake Como, and continues to Venice, passing through their posh palace on the Canal Grande, Ca’ Rezzonico, which nowadays is the Museum of the Venetian 18th-century.

– Photography: Luca Rajna – Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici
– Project of the itinerary and tourist guide in Venice: Claudia Zannini @claudia_mimejorvenecia
– Location: Rezzonico (Lake Como); Venice (including Ca’ Rezzonico)

Special thanks (also from the couple) to Mr. Antonio Calzolaro, Director of the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio.
The Director, who lives in Rezzonico, married to a member of the Della Torre family, generously lead us throughout the entire Rezzonico area.