Ornella Vanoni: Una Bellissima Ragazza, intervista su White Sposa. Foto: Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici


Interview from: White Sposa magazine


  • White Sposa interviews Ornella Vanoni on the occasion of her new album ‘Una Bellissima Ragazza” (A beautiful girl).
     The photographs of the booklet were done by Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici working for Sony.


› How did you meet Luca Rajna?

  • I was introduced to him by a friend of mine, a great graphic artist, Sergio Mascheroni.
    I was struck by the spontaneity of his photos.
    With me he used only natural light: it is difficult to use this style because you have to know how to manage shadows very well, and that problem is usually solved with additional artificial lights.
    Instead they managed to photograph me without artifice, making the shots full of life, beautiful.


› How did you feel on the set?

  • Fine. I am myself, no acting, I really followed my instinct.
    If the photographer is able to establish a good relationship with me I’m calm, I don’t get bored, I hardly notice his presence, the camera doesn’t create embarrassment or shame.
    I think this is then reflected in the photos, which show my true soul.

› Is it like that for your new album ’A beautiful girl’ that you are bringing in concert to Italy and Spain?

  • Yes, there is a lot of me in this album, so much so that I’m also shown in photos of when I was much younger, when I was a girl.
    Even now, however, I feel full of life and strength, my niece ironically calls this ability of mine ‘sprightliness’!

› And in concert, when on stage, how do you feel?

  • There it’s different, there is an emotion and a relationship with the audience that is very strong.
    I can be myself on the stage, where, however, there is also a bit of acting, things often get confused and it is a fine line that distinguishes the false from the spontaneous, the use of the voice, the play of times and pauses, the real or scenic unforeseen event.
    I now have much less fear of judgment on the part of the public than before and therefore I am much more myself.

› Do you think that the same emotion can be there in a day as important as that of marriage?

  • No, the judgment should not be there.
    Marriage is a major life change, to be lived with an emotion that binds us to the people we love, relatives and friends.
    Although now, if I were to do it, I would do it in secret, in the sense that it’s something intimate, private.


01. Milan, Italy:

A Day with Ornella

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02. Bologna, Italy:

The recording of “Cosa m’importa”
Guest singer: Mario Biondi

Ornella Vanoni & Mario Biondi – Cosa m’importa

Concept: Luca Rajna, Sergio Mascheroni
Editing, post production: Luca Rajna
Photo: Luca Rajna, Corrado Cascone
© Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Italy) S.p.A.