On the occasion of “Italian Annual Jewish Culture Day”, first Sunday of September




– An intense portrait of Nicole, the bride.
– On the opposite page: Nicole and Marco getting out of the Temple and the marriage news on the local newspaper and Nicole during the makeup of the bride.

Roma: matrimonio al Tempio Maggiore

– Large photo: aperitifs and appetizers served outdoors.
– Below, on the left: inside the Great Synagogue of Rome;
– On the right: the bride blesses a guest, as tradition wants. During the ceremony, the parents put their hands on the married couple who are blessed by the oldest person being at the ceremony.
– On the opposite page: the cake cutting and the traditional dances, the signatures after the ceremony and a photo of the sea appetizer area

Roma: matrimonio al Tempio Maggiore

  • Nicole and Marco, a young Jewish couple, chose 5th September, the Day of Jewish Culture in Italy, to get married. A cheerful and bubbly wedding, but at the same time highly traditional

Roma, matrimonio ebraico. Giornata della Cultura Ebraica.y

  • The ceremony was at the Great Synagogue of Rome, where the main Italian Jewish community meets. It is one of the largest synagogues in Europe, completely decked out in white for the occasion

Roma: matrimonio al Tempio Maggiore. Allestimenti floreali Il Tempio Maggiore di Roma durante il matrimonio. Vista panoramica.

  • Among the guests were the chief Roman rabbis, watched from the window by Elio Toaff, the historical rabbi of Rome who retired to private life in 2001. He was 95 years old at that time

Il rabbino Elio Toaff alla finestra della propria abitazione.

  • At the exit from the Temple, the couple were honored by the Nachman rabbis (dressed in white) with the sound of the shofar and percussions, surrounded by the guests

Matrimonio al Tempio Maggiore di Roma: l'uscita degli sposi.

  • For the reception, which took place in the evening, the hotel Rome Cavalieri – The Waldorf Astoria Collection, was chosen, with a splendid view of the capital with white and fuchsia pink decorations and flowers. An aperitif and entree organized in thematic tables was held in the open, and dinner was served at table indoors

Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Buffet. Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Decorazioni floreali. Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Allestimento della sala del ricevimento. Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Il tavolo degli sposi. Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Il ricevimento e panoramica sulla città. Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Il ricevimento. Particolare. Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Il ricevimento

  • The typical Jewish dances involving the couple and the guests lasted until late at night

Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. Musica. Le danze.





These are the qualities of a wedding photo shooting according to Luca Rajna, leader of Luca Rajna Progetti Fotografici, a studio that has a long history of innovation in the field of photojournalism applied to marriage

› What is different about your approach to wedding photography?

  • As in any good photojournalistic service, the photographers of our studio aim to build a complete story, that best describes what happens during the wedding without an accompanying text.Conceptually wedding photojournalism, or the fact of documenting the event without the use of poses, is no longer a novelty, indeed, it’s an established concept and if viewed in isolation, demodé.What differentiates the various studios is the directing ability, and the concept.During the shooting the photographer must think and act both as a film director and also as a director of photography; regarding the final layout, he must also know how to do the job of photo editor with the same professionalism required by a news organization.

Roma, Tempio Ebraico (Tempio Maggiore). Cerimonia di matrimonio. Le firme.
› How do you build a photographic tale of a wedding in Luca Rajna Photo Projects style?

  • You need to understand at all times which shots will be more useful to build a complete photo story: instantly decide when, what and where to shoot.A successful wedding album flows effectively from cover to cover, no weak parts or repetitions.A sort of direction is also applied to the assembly of the album bearing in mind the relationship between graphic art, selected photos and their placement on the page.

Matrimonio ebraico: la sposa benedice gli invitati.
› How do you work during the shooting?

  • The wedding takes place in a relatively fast and unrepeatable way.To follow it better, we have decided to work in pairs: a choice that allows us to achieve operational effectiveness and a variety of shots physically impossible to a single operator.

Roma, Hotel Cavalieri. Matrimonio ebraico. La torta.
› How important is the choice of the photo shoot?

  • Photographic documentation is the main memory of the wedding day.It represents the couple and the importance given to the event and all that has been part of it for all time: people, feelings, emotions, places, sounds…It is therefore a valuable document of themselves and loved ones.Our greatest satisfaction is to hear from customers that our work is a product appreciated and shown over the years.

Le Iene al matrimonio. Il Moralizzatore. Le Iene al matrimonio. Il Moralizzatore con gli sposi. San Pietro era un Ebreo ortodosso. Matrimonio Ebraico. Le kippot