ikely, you have noticed the growing global trend toward visual storytelling.

In wedding photography, visual storytelling is the avant garde concept that has made passé the photojournalistic (candid) style which had been prominent in the past.

Before drawing conclusions, I would like to briefly address the recent history of photography for weddings and other portrait couples.

The old traditional style flattened by the unnatural light created from a flash did not convey the true emotions experienced. That style became almost extinct by the beginning of the new millennium, replaced by wedding photojournalism.
Wedding photojournalism was an innovative concept that I personally spread throughout Italy in the late 90’s, and was based on the almost total absence of posed shots, treating weddings just like social photography.
The emotions documented were exclusively spontaneous, including portraits.
Though wedding photojournalism endured for about a decade as a “novelty”, it has been quite crucial in bringing wedding photography to a higher professional level.

There was still, however, something missing, since not all wedding settings and situations are conducive to be photographed in an exclusively documentary style. Some wedding events might seem to be less striking, even though there are beautiful sentiments, placing more reliance on the photography to communicate emotion.

So, the use of posing is back, with a new and very specific language, very similar to that of fashion or editorial photography. This new style of posed photography is composed much like in a film, by using introductions, descriptive scenarios, transitions, and details, joined together to build a recognisable and structured story that does not need text (descriptions may be used, but it is not fundamental).

This is the real meaning of visual storytelling in photography:
the art of telling a story through images, without the need of text or a vocal commentary.

Honestly, photographers have always used visual storytelling, simply telling a story with images, hence the name “Photographic Story”.
The novelty is seen above all in the complex, complete and mature way the story is told, and how it is integrated through the images.

In fact, thanks to the evolution of the photographic story, more attention is dedicated to photo services for couples realised independent of the wedding or engagement event.
To accomplish this, neither a celebration, a set-up, a party, nor guests are required.
The photo service establishes a couple with their story, culture and romance. This works as well in beautiful city as Venice, a tranquil place like Minneapolis or a mystical place such as Iceland, as profoundly for an engagement as for a vacation.

Carpe diem. Seize the day!
Take home in images, every precious moment experienced.

Thanks to visual storytelling, the journey will not end when returning home.
A truly heartfelt love is now confirmed by images.

… This benefit could be for you, too!




In collaboration with: Claudia Zannini @claudia_mimejorvenecia, Venetian tourist guide





Venice unveiled working with the tour guide Claudia Zannini “Mimejorvenecia”