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  • Paul Wilbur is an artist related to the Integrity Music label and founder of Wilbur Ministries, followed by millions of fans in the Christian world.
    The photographic project for this album was developed in a similar way to the one implemented for the Italian singer Ornella Vanoni, mixing episodes from the artist’s life together with the recording shooting session.
    In this case, with a special focus on the place.
    Indeed, many Wilbur’s recordings were set in Israel, especially in Jerusalem, the Holy City in which humankind doesn’t “goes”, but “ascends”.
    Paul, his staff and I spent a few hours together visiting the Old City of Jerusalem.
    Paul also willingly chatted with pilgrims or local Christians who recognized him, until we arrived at the Western Wall, in the Temple Mount area.
    There we all of us felt like in the Center of the Universe, permeated by a mystical feeling that cannot be described, even though it was a place that we had visited several times before.
  • A few days later, along with my colleague photographers of the ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem), I took photos during the live recording, a concert organized in En Gedi, on the Dead Sea, during the Feast of Tabernacles.
    En Gedi is the lowest place on earth (about 418 feet below the level of sea) also famous for both its beaches (and the treatment of psoriasis) and because right here David sliced King Saul’s mantel, rather than killing him while he was sleeping (1 Samuel 24:5).
    Not far from En Gedi there’s Mount Sodom – the only mountain in the world to be composed of salt rock, its height increases a few millimeters per year. It attracts many tourists for the saline outcrop called “Lot’s Wife”, reminiscent of a human figure and the episode in Genesis 19:26.
    At the bottom of the photo gallery you can find a video in which Paul Wilbur himself speaks about Desert Rain and Zealous Over Zion, the main song of the album.

Paul Wilbur: photos for the album "Desert Rain". Paul Wilbur: photos for the album "Desert Rain". Wilbur's portrait at the Zion Gate. Paul Wilbur: photos for the album "Desert Rain". View of jerusalem form the Mount of Olives. Paul Wilbur, Desert Rain. Wilbur inside the Walls of Jerusalem paul_wilbur_desert_rain_20 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_25 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_30 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_35 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_40 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_45 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_50 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_55 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_60 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_65 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_70 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_75 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_80 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_85 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_90 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_95 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_100 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_105 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_110 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_115 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_120 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_125 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_130 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_135 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_140 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_145 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_150 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_155 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_160 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_165 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_170 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_175 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_180 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_185 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_190 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_195 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_200 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_205 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_210 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_215 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_220 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_225 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_235 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_240 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_245 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_250 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_255 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_260 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_265 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_270 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_275 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_280 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_285 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_290 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_295 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_300 paul_wilbur_desert_rain_305_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_310_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_315_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_320_live_paul_wilbur_desert_rain_321_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_330_live_Paul Wilbur: photos for the album "Desert Rain". Before the live recording. paul_wilbur_desert_rain_335_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_340_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_355_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_365_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_375_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_385_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_395_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_400_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_405_live_ Paul Wilbur: photos for the album "Desert Rain". I am zealous over Zion. paul_wilbur_desert_rain_420_live_ Paul Wilbur: photos for the album "Desert Rain". Live recording. paul_wilbur_desert_rain_440_live_ Paul Wilbur, live recording at Ein Chedi. paul_wilbur_desert_rain_460_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_470_live_ Paul Wilbur: the live recording of "Desert Rain". paul_wilbur_desert_rain_490_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_500_live_ Paul Wilbur: the live recording of "Desert Rain". The dancers. paul_wilbur_desert_rain_520_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_530_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_540_live_ Paul Wilbur: the concert for the live recording of "Desert Rain". paul_wilbur_desert_rain_560_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_700_live_paul_wilbur_desert_rain_580_live_ paul_wilbur_desert_rain_590_live_paul_wilbur_desert_rain_570_live_



Paul Wilbur talks about Desert Rain (video):